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The Amanda Project, #2

Hal, Callie and Nia are searching to find out what's happened to their friend Amanda. Could the attack on their vice-principal have something to do with it? Could he possibly know something about Amanda? And now that that they have the website set up, will someone leave a tip that would lead to a break in Amanda's disappearance? With odd clues popping up that seem to be left by Amanda, does it mean she's still around or is someone playing the cruel joke on the three friends? Are Callie, Nia and Hal being followed for what they know?

This is the sequel to "The Amanda Project" by Amanda Valentino and Peter Silsbee. Reading the first book is a must-do, otherwise you'll find yourself lost throughout this book. It's a fast-paced novel, filled with different mysteries and clues that the reader can solve along with Hal, Callie, and Nia. This is a great choice for more grown-up fans of Encyclopedia Brown and Cam Jansen.

Book Blurb for Revealed

The closer you get to discovering why Amanda left, the more you realize that nothing about her is what it seems. . . .

Hal, Callie, and Nia are more determined than ever to figure out who Amanda really is, especially after the vice principal was attacked and they spotted a note from Amanda in his car. Clues are pouring in to, but some of them lead to more questions than answers. When the three friends find a locked, carved box they're sure it holds the key to Amanda's secrets. If only they could get it open! As they begin to unravel the tangled web of Amanda's life, Hal discovers a strange list with their names on it, and he suspects it means any one of them could be the next target. One thing's for sure: In the search for Amanda, no one can be trusted.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.50