Mirage High, #1

Samantha and her sister Tabby have just moved to a new town called Mirage. The girls move around a lot because their dad is a general in the army. He tells them that they will be the only humans in their new town. School is horrible for Sam, since no one like Sam or her sister because they are human. Also, Sam has made a werewolf an enemy. Will she be able to find friends and will she find love in this strange new town?

This was a great little short story to read. I am eagerly awaiting the next stories in the Mirage High Series. I really liked how it was a twist on the whole monster/human stories, with humans trying to fit into a monster world, rather than the other way around. Anyone who enjoys reading about monsters or creatures of the night will find this a fabulous story. It was monstrously good.

Book Blurb for Mirage

Short Story. This series has 10 shorts available. This is the first one.

As the only humans in an all supernatural high school, Samantha and Tabitha have a hard time fitting in. Being in a military family, the girls are used to changing schools and usually make friends easily. But the students of Mirage High aren't exactly welcoming. And yet, that doesn't stop Sam from falling for Shane, the alpha werewolf.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.50