Immortyl Kisses

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Immortyl Kisses

Raine doesn't usually fit in but when her best friend Shania makes her go to the Halloween dance it turns out much better than Raine expected. She meets Tristan who has just moved to town. He seems sweet and romantic and the two begin to go out. Then Raine meets Logan, someone from Tristan's past. When they are all out on Halloween night trick-or-treating, Raine is attacked, in the aftermath, Raine and Logan kiss. Does Raine have feelings for Logan or was she just caught up in the drama of the moment? Why was Raine attacked and who is behind it? How will her life change?

"Immortyl Kisses" was a fascinating book, fast-paced, with lots of twists and turns to keep you reading. I am looking forward to the next story from B. K. Walker. "Immortyl Kisses" is hopefully just the start of a fabulous and exciting new series. Those who enjoy action-packed paranormal books with great characters and intrigue will love this book.

Book Blurb for Immortyl Kisses

"You are a Warrior, you just don't know it yet." ~Jin Cao

Raine was an average girl with an average teenage life. Always loving anything to do with vampires, she never expected they would be real. When a Rogue vampire hunts her, she not only learns that vampires are real, but that the two boys that her heart is caught between are in fact a vampire and a werewolf.

As both boys vow to keep her safe, Raine learns of her true destiny...she is a Shijin Warrior born to win the war against an evil Warlock named Fala. Fala is creating half vampire half shape shifting creatures to take out all of immortal kind.

Will Raine be able to fulfill her destiny and save immortals, or will her hearts desires make her lose everything in the end?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.75