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Daughters of the Sea Series #1

Hannah has grown up in an orphanage all her life. She seems to be a normal girl except for an odd infatuation with the sea. When she becomes of the age to be sent to work, Hannah discovers she is being sent away from the sea. The farther away Hannah travels from Boston, the sicker she becomes. But her sickness is odd, she has salt-like crystals coming off of her body. After Hannah arrives, it quickly appears that she is dying, so the decision is made to send her back to Boston. Hannah luckily discovers a new job in Boston, close to the sea, and she regains her health. Her new job seems perfect but there are hidden disadvantages. The young lady of the house has a strong dislike for Hannah and there seems to be a demon cat stalking her. But amidst all of this, has Hannah discovered someone to love? Does this odd, new painter seem to know more about Hannah's background than Hannah does? However will Hannah survive this new job, new life and new love?

"Hannah" is an interesting start to a new series by Kathryn Lasky. I really enjoyed reading "Hannah" and I'm eagerly awaiting the next entry in the Daughters of the Sea Series. For those who grew up loving Ariel and are now looking for a more grown-up story, look no further than this exciting and mysterious novel.

Book Blurb for Hannah

Daughters of the Sea tells the story of 3 mermaid sisters who are separated at birth by a storm and go on to lead three very different lives. Book 1 is about Hannah, who spent her early days in an orphanage and is now a scullery maid in the house of rich, powerful family. She is irresistibly drawn to the sea and through a series of accidents and encounters discovers her true identity. Hannah relizes that she must keep the truth a secret but she also knows that soon she will have to make the choice - to be a creature of the land or the sea.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.50