Freak Magnet

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Freak Magnet

Gloria is a freak magnet, freaks seem to be drawn to her. So when she meets Charlie she believes he is the average annoying freak. While things go badly the first time they meet, it seems like fate draws them together again and again. Charlie is a boy whose thoughts are out of this world and Gloria is down to earth, always writing in her "freak folio" as she calls it. It is a book of all the freaks she has met and talked to in the last year. Gloria and Charlie may appear to be the most unlikely friends, but watch how these two teens end up changing each other's lives, for better or for worse.

"Freak Magnet" by Andrew Auseon will appeal to all those freaks and geeks out there! It was fun to read about Charlie and Gloria's many attempts to see each other again. The story was fast-paced with a great sense of back and forth between the viewpoints of Charlie and Gloria. It is a new time of love and loss story for all to enjoy. This is a great entry in the teen read genre.

Book Blurb for Freak Magnet

Charlie is the freak. Gloria is the freak magnet. When they meet, sparks fly ... for Charlie. Gloria, well, she thinks he’s like every other freak who feels compelled to talk to her, just a little better-looking than most. In this he said / she said tale of love, loss, and lucky signs, two young strangers at a crossroads in their lives become friends by happy accident (okay, maybe some harmless stalking is involved – and not by the person you think!) and forever change each other.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.25