Cold Kiss

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Cold Kiss

Wren is devastated when her boyfriend Danny is killed in a car crash. She discovers she has the ability to bring him back, kind of. Danny is not the same at all now. What can happen when you bring your boyfriend back from the dead only to have a shell of the boy you used to love? What can happen when you can't let anyone know about it? When Gabriel DeMarnes comes to Wren's school, he's not at all what she expected. How can he seem to know that Wren's hiding her dead boyfriend in her attic? What can happen when Wren finds herself falling for Gabriel? Which love will she turn her back on and which one will survive?

"Cold Kiss" by Amy Garvey is an interesting novel. It's not at all what I was expecting when I picked it up. When I discovered the plot, this book became a must read and it didn't disappoint. The idea of being able to bring your boyfriend back from the dead sounds really cool but Danny could be boring, moody and clingy at times, which would be a real drag. But other than that, this was a great book. I am eagerly awaiting Amy Garvey's next book.

Book Blurb for Cold Kiss

It was a beautiful, warm summer day, the day Danny died.

Suddenly Wren was alone and shattered. In a heartbroken fury, armed with dark incantations and a secret power, Wren decides that what she wants—what she must do—is to bring Danny back.

But the Danny who returns is just a shell of the boy Wren fell in love with. His touch is icy; his skin, smooth and stiff as marble; his chest, cruelly silent when Wren rests her head against it.

Wren must keep Danny a secret, hiding him away, visiting him at night, while her life slowly unravels around her. Then Gabriel DeMarnes transfers to her school, and Wren realizes that somehow, inexplicably, he can sense the powers that lie within her—and that he knows what she has done. And now Gabriel wants to help make things right.

But Wren alone has to undo what she has wrought—even if it means breaking her heart all over again.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.00