As Easy As Falling off the Face of the Earth

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As Easy As Falling off the Face of the Earth

Ry is supposed to be going to camp on a train but when the train stops in the middle of nowhere, he decides to get off real quick to make a phone call. When he gets to top of a hill, he notices that the train has started to slowly move. Ry runs after it, but doesn't catch the train, so he must start a long journey by foot. Coming to a small town, Ry finds a man working on what could be called a truck. Ry and the man named Del become quick friends. While Ry is working on getting home, his grandfather is having problems of his own. Having just moved in with Ry and his parents, Grandfather Lloyd is in charge of the family dogs while Ry's parents on a boating trip. Walking the dog's results in an accident that leaves Lloyd trapped in a hole in the woods. Ry and Del go through many adventures, trying to find their way back to Ry's home and track down missing family members, while sailing, walking and flying all the way.

I really enjoyed this book because I like reading about all the adventures everyone had in the book. The pictures throughout the book enhanced my reading experience and made it easier to visualize the characters. Watching Ry mature over the course of the book and gain self-confidence was a highlight of the story. This book will appeal to boys and girls, basically anyone who enjoys a fast-paced adventure book.

Book Blurb for As Easy As Falling off the Face of the Earth

He'll get there.
Won't he?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.25