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So that they can be together, Lucas and Bianca have overcome many obstacles. But will they be able to overcome this newest challenge facing them? Bianca is a Wraith, otherwise known as a ghost, and Lucas is now a vampire. Bianca must master being a ghost while figuring out why there are Wraith traps hidden at the school. Can she save her friends; Wraith, human and vampire alike from the danger looming over them all? This is a stunning book in the Evernight series, concluding Lucas and Bianca's story.

I have read all the other Evernight books by Claudia Gray, and "Afterlife" was just as drama-filled and action-packed as all the others. Reading about Bianca and Lucas' struggle to save not only themselves but their friends was one of the highlights of the book. Anyone who enjoyed Twilight and Vampire Kisses will enjoy this series as well.

Book Blurb for Afterlife

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Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.75