With Her Hunger

Lunewulf, Book Eight

With Her Hunger by Lorie O’Clare was a very HOT book. The scenes in it were burning me up. I’ve had my fair share of these types of books but O’Clare knows how to write scenes that grab your attention. From the start of the book where Mariah runs with what’s left of her pack just had me hooked. My only regret of this book was it not longer. There could have been more action and suspense. Other than that it was an amazing book.

What also worked was the plot. I’ve seen these types of plots where the heroine has a good one night stand and finds that person later on. But for some reason this plot had me wrapped around its finger. My guess is the writing; Lorie O’Clare did a magnificent job.

Book Blurb for With Her Hunger

Mariah has just lost her entire family. For years, lunewulf have lived peacefully in the Yukon Territory. But when humans burn the werewolves' homes, Mariah and her pack run to a new home. Determined to embrace her new life and not be destroyed the way her pack was, Mariah refuses to be controlled by anyone. When she spots Luther with two other males, she's not only interested but willing to take all three of them on. Only one of the males remains in her thoughts though. She will have Luther again.

Luther runs on the edge of the pack that leaves the Yukon Territory and heads to British Columbia. He is Cariboo lunewulf. The lunewulf think his kind are barbaric and run with less honor. Luther has no need for all of the lunewulf's laws and traditions. He does have a need for Mariah though. It burns so hot through him he won't let her out of his sight, or his bed, until she agrees to be with him forever.

Reader Advisory: These wolves aren't your everyday pooches. The males are wild and feral, the females are strong and won't roll over to have their tummies rubbed. If you like wolves, want your loving untamed and fierce, then come take a ride on the wild side.if you can stand the heat.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.50