The Pirate Bride

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The Pirate Bride

This book was hilarious and I loved it! From the beginning there was scene after scene that made me laugh. I could see it all in my head like a movie. What I loved most about this book was that Sandra Hill pulled me in and kept me adsorbed. I was taken by surprise when her brothers took him captive. I do wish that something terrible would have happened to her brothers for all the suffering they created. Overall a great read!

Book Blurb for The Pirate Bride

A Viking to bed, not to wed!

Medana Elsadottir, known as the Sea Scourge, never planned to become a pirate, but there’s no denying her talent. Her female-only tribe has an island hideaway, food aplenty, goods to trade…everything except the means to breed. That’s where the strapping Norsemen tied up in her ship’s hold come in handy. Eight godly specimens—and Thork Tykirrson is the most virile of them all. Once their, eh, work is done, they’ll be free to leave. Medana had naught to due with this gods-awful plan, but she wouldn’t mind reaping the benefits.

Wed or bed…this Viking has plans of his own.

Renowned as the wildest Viking of his time, Thork was returning home to regain his father’s favor. Mayhap even (shudder) marry. His brazen—and very beautiful—kidnapper has likely done him a favor in preventing such an irksome fate. That doesn’t mean he’ll let her off easy. No one takes anything from a Viking that he’s not willing to give...not even a violet-eyed vixen who sets off the wildest fantasies.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 4.50