The Highlander's Time

The Highlander's Time by Belladonna Bordeaux was different from what I've read before. This is a good thing. The plot was what caught my attention, meaning the characters getting sucked into the "Viel" that transported them to medieval time Scotland. But it seemed so, so short. There could have been so many different ways the book could have gone with the same ending. Anyways it was so clever how Iaen got Jeny to marry him. This is a good read but it would have been way better if it was longer with more scenes. There were many missing parts in the book like how Jeny adjusted to the life, the lessons from the priest and how she would have deals with the pop star brat. The whole book was really entertaining and fun to read. But as I mentioned before it should have been longer.

Book Blurb for The Highlander's Time

Fantasy men do exist, even though they might not be in your time period.... Jenny Lofstrand has been abandoned by those who supposedly love her all her life. Now she’s the personal assistant to a woman who’d drive the Devil to drink. Jenny knows she’s the glue that holds her boss’s life together. Even this nurturer has a limit though. The Veil is going to take her on a trip to twelfth-century Scotland and thrust her into the arms of her dream man. Iaen Kincaid has seen more than his fair share of life. The young laird of the clan Kincaid is either in a border war with his cousin to the north, or he’s dealing with some problem within his land. The appearance of three women in his keep puts a dent in his routine and order, but he is immediately drawn to Jenny, with her spit-fire ways and protective nature. As Jenny adapts to life in medieval Scotland, can she continue to save her out-of-control boss or for once, allow herself to love and be happy with a man very different from her own world?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.25