Silver Moon

Silver Moon by Aislinn Kerry was a refresher to read in the vampire/werewolves genre. In this book it talks about how the werewolves can't mix with vampires but since their only food supply is leaving for summer break (college kids) they would be starving to death and are taking in more vampires than they can afford. So it's up to Fate to make a deal with the alpha werewolf since it's her fault they can't get blood from blood banks. But Fate's mother was killed by a werewolf and Gabe the alpha werewolf gave permission for them to hunt only and only if Fate stayed at his house every time they fed in his territory. Gabe's mission was to help Fate get over her fear of them but it back fired in his face because he fell in love with her instead. Overall this book was a good read and could have been longer with more drama in it. Anyways it was a good read.

Book Blurb for Silver Moon

Fate Dobrzynski hates and fears werewolves more than anything else on earth. But when she finds out her vampire friends face starvation unless they can expand their feeding grounds, she's determined to do anything she can to help-even if it means making a deal with Gabriel Cardenas, the alpha of the local Were pack.

Gabe hates vampires as much as any Were, but when Fate comes to him, he can't resist the opportunity to prove she has nothing to fear from his kind. Even if it comes at the cost of allowing bloodsuckers to feed in his territory.

Fate and Gabe find unexpected fellowship with one another. As Gabe shows her Weres can be trusted, Fate introduces him to kink and a side of himself he never knew existed. But Gabe's wolves are none too pleased about having a human woman brought into their pack. With Gabe's focus on the vampire threat outside their doors, will he miss the danger lurking under his own roof?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.25