Rogue of the Isles

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Rogue of the Isles

Rogue, Book 2

Rogue of the Isles is a really nice read, it had a really good story line. That's what I loved most about it. It was also funny. It had moments where I just wanted to scream at the characters. Overall this is a sweet book that's appropriate for all to read. But it did have a cliff hanger, which makes me wonder how they will catch those father and son villains.

Book Blurb for Rogue of the Isles

He’s sworn to protect her from any danger…even himself.

Rogue, Book 2

What a pity Jamie MacLeod had to be such a good-looking man. And so tall. With such broad shoulders. Because he’s quite possibly the most annoying male Marissa Barclay has ever met.

No matter what her sister’s new husband seems to think, Mari has no need for his brother, a hulking, kilted Highlander, hovering over her through London’s Little Season.

Family or nae, Jamie has enough on his plate overseeing his family’s English estates without the added annoyance of keeping an eye on Mari. Especially since she seems as determined to slip by him as he is determined to do his protective duty. In truth, it’s quite a job keeping the willful little minx out of trouble.

But when an old enemy strikes at the heart of the MacLeod family, Jamie whisks Mari away from London’s glitter to the wilds of his homeland. Where a stormy love blooms…and danger lurks in the hills.

Warning: This wee book contains a stubborn English lass and a braw Scottish lad with bull-headedness in his blood. Aye, and romps in the heather ye’ll not want yer mither tae be seein’.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 3.50