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Chrissy McMullen, former waitress turned psychologist, tends to find herself as the prime target for murderers. In her last adventure, she was poisoned by a crazy doctor who is now in jail for his crimes. Chrissy's relationship with LAPD lieutenant Jack Rivera is shaky. He's always looking out for her and she's doing the opposite of everything he suggests. They're not technically dating and their relationship hasn't reached the bedroom yet, so Chrissy is keeping her options open.

While filling up her borrowed Porsche at a gas station, she meets a man who makes her heart flutter. When he shows up at her house unexpected and without an invitation, Chrissy is a bit uneasy about the situation. But when a gunman shoots down this mysterious man on her property, she starts to wonder if she was the actual target for the killer.

Not long later, Chrissy's brother Pete comes to visit from Chicago. He's engaged to his pregnant girlfriend and the wedding isn't too far away. Out of nowhere he asks Chrissy if he can borrow $20,000. It doesn't take long to figure out that her brother has gotten himself into some trouble with the mob. Chrissy tries to straighten out his problems, but the bad guys are still on the prowl.

Has Pete brought whatever trouble he has with him? Or is this sniper after Chrissy? Maybe it's someone from her past that is out to finish their business with her? Chrissy totes a pistol and her deaf puppy Harlequin as her sidekick in solving this case. Lieutenant Rivera tries to keep Chrissy safe but she is determined to solve this case without any help or advice from him. Will this push them farther apart? Will Chrissy find love with another man besides Rivera?

UNMANNED is a mystery with a little chick lit flavor that will keep readers thoroughly entertained. There's humor, suspense and a mystery to solve. I enjoyed reading about Chrissy and Rivera's rocky relationship and loved his jealously of the possibility of her with someone else. I wish Greiman would let them hook up already and explore their relationship possibilities a little more. Pete is a fun character and added a little spontaneity to the mix. His relationship with his sister Chrissy is sweet and I look forward to meeting the rest of her brothers. UNMANNED is an enjoyable fun read from start to finish. I highly recommend this book to readers who are looking for a humorous mystery.

Book Blurb for Unmanned


Even in a city of long, tall beauties, psychologist Christina McMullen is used to getting

hit on. But she's definitely not accustomed to having a hit on her. Until the day a charming stranger shows up at her door-and someone guns him down right in front of her.

For Chrissy, shootings and explosions are what pass for normal in her tempestuous

relationship with sexy LAPD lieutenant Jack Rivera. But the real mayhem begins when her brother Pete blows in from the Windy City trailing clouds of trouble in the form of a pregnant girlfriend, "borrowed" money, and a mobster named "D." Chrissy always said her family would be the death of her-but even L.A.'s sassiest shrink isn't prepared for the truth behind her brother's link to the dead stranger.or the killer who threatens them both.


Born on a North Dakota cattle ranch, Lois Greiman graduated from a high school class of sixty students before moving to Minnesota where she professionally trained and showed Arabian Horses for several years. Since that time she's been a high fashion model, a fitness instructor, and a veterinary assistant. She currently lives on a small farm in Minnesota with her husband, three children, fifteen horses, and a menagerie of pets, where she is at work on her next mystery.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 3.50