Yours for the Taking

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Yours for the Taking

Fiercely independent and drop dead gorgeous Gina Reyez has some serious commitment issues and to add fuel to the fire, she’s not very trusting of the opposite sex. Still, she’s on a mission to purchase her own home so she’ll never be poor again. When the opportunity presents itself in an offer of a marriage of convenience to Ben Walsh, her best friend Rosalie’s sister’s friend and business partner, she jumps at the chance. Well, sort of.

Wealthy and oh so sexy Benjamin Walsh dresses well, cooks amazing gourmet meals, and as part owner of an art gallery in New York, has impeccable taste. Unfortunately he has no desire to settle down with one woman, preferring instead to play the field. But his grandfather has other ideas and insists Ben marry in order to obtain the ranch he lived on with his family. He’s checked out Gina and knows she’s the perfect woman to pitch his offer of temporary marriage – she doesn’t stay with one man longer than a few months, makes it well known she never wants to marry and is a focused career woman. All he has to do now is get her to agree. Never mind that they’ve only met twice and Gina thinks he’s gay!

If you’ve been keeping up with Robin Kaye’s books, you’ve already met Gina in Breakfast in Bed, as Rich Ronaldi’s ex. But even though you interact with some of the characters from previous books, these two players literally leap off the page grabbing your attention and tickling your funny bone throughout Yours for the Taking, reminding the reader that each tale is strong enough to stand on its own. Gina is absolutely one of the most feisty women I’ve ever met and won't stand for any nonsense, but Ben’s alpha personality is strong enough to handle her. still my fluttering heart. Seeing these together is like two lightning bolts striking simultaneously and it’s fun to watch, especially when she finds out he’s definitely NOT gay. Add to that some hot steamy sex and you’ll be in romance heaven. I didn’t think it was possible for Ms. Kaye to improve on her other novels, but she has hit the jackpot with this one. Add to this a story within a story as Gina searches for her brother and you’ll end up shedding a few tears. Also, the rich characterization of Ben’s charismatic cousins is wonderfully depicted, adding even more spice to the storyline.

The only question left to answer is how in the world will these two commitment-shy firecrackers agree to “happily ever after”?

Yours for the Taking is so well written, I found myself thinking about it and smiling long after I was finished. A definite Top Pick to start out the New Year and not to be missed!

Book Blurb for Yours for the Taking

Gina is convinced that he is either gay... or her perfect match

Administrative assistant Gina accepts a marriage of convenience with gallery owner Ben Walsh so she can get out of debt. Besides, with his beautiful apartment, art collection, and impressive culinary skills, Gina's convinced the sexy bachelor is gay. Ben needs to be married before the year is out to prevent his grandfather from selling his inheritance, so he takes Gina to meet his grandfather in Idaho-or, as the city girl refers to it, Hell on Earth. But there Gina realizes Ben's every bit a hot, straight man, and Ben begins to think a real marriage with Gina just might be possible after all...

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 5.00