Two Masters for Alex

Claire Thompson has written over 50 books about the BDSM lifestyle and hasn't lost her touch. This time, she weaves an erotic blend of love and mastery between two men in a committed relationship as they reach out to Alexandra who craves emotional and sexual submission. The reader will be intrigued by the characters' inner strength and discovery throughout this absorbing story.

It was interesting to see the exploration of a story within a story as the writer delved into the minds of two dominants and their submissive as they each reached personal fulfillment, changing their lives forever. A thoroughly enjoyable read that will have you rethinking some of your own beliefs.

Book Blurb for Two Masters for Alex

When Alex signs up to learn what it is to truly submit within a D/s relationship, she expects to be ravished and adored. Instead, she finds herself in the middle of a very hot m/m love affair. To her chagrin, she is not the subject of their torrid passion, but the object, a girl toy expected to conform to the rules of the house or suffer the consequences.

Liam and Daniel, at first eager to bring another into their D/s play, find their carefully controlled world turned upside down by the sexy, eager, but sometimes less-than-submissive beauty in their midst.

They are forced to deal with sometimes heart-wrenching, sometimes hilarious issues that arise when two become three. In the unfolding passion play, each must confront jealousy, trust and their own understanding of the romance of a D/s relationship. Alex must look inside herself to discover if she has what it takes to remain in the arms and hearts of the two men she calls Master.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.00