Transparent Illusions

Fingertip Fantasies, Book 1

A fan of Melinda Barron’s work, this is by far one of her best efforts to date with Transparent Illusions.   As a freelance writer in Seattle, Saffron Tyler has been looking to branch out into larger venues.  Hoping to do a piece in the underground sex magazine Salacious about the elusive sex club Fingertip Fantasies, she’s thrilled when the publisher, Francis Steele suggests a different spin on her original idea, along with the promise of a lot more money.  All Saffron needs to do to get the story is agree to go undercover as a submissive. Let the fun begin!

Saffron may have passed the psychological test to get into Fingertip Fantasies, but as the reader soon finds out, she’s a feisty and independent handful.  Denied the use of her laptop in the exclusive club, Saffron is left up to her own devices to find out more about the club and its patrons. When she hooks up with the most delicious master, she finds it more and more difficult to focus on the story as he denies her sexual satisfaction.  Refusing to identify himself, Saffron can only call him master or sir, and this handsome hunk uses every sensual trick he knows to keep her on her toes.

More than any of her work, this is the one that can make it as a series on HBO or SHOWTIME. The chemistry between Saffron and her master is erotically entertaining and vividly expressed. Barron crushes any thoughts of someone who is submissive being a pushover or doormat with her creative depiction of Saffron. The reader is in on the secret of her master’s identity and can expect a bang up confrontation once Saffron finds out the truth.  The master is hot, hot, hot and I fell in love with the balanced portrayal of his dominance and sensitivity. If only he lived next door. The plot moves quickly and the sex is thrilling and steamy, destined to make any heart race with the anticipation.  But don’t take my word for it.  Order this well-written keeper today!

Book Blurb for Transparent Illusions

CATEGORY: Contemporary Erotic Romance, BDSM, BBW.

ELEMENTS: BDSM Erotic Romance with Strong Sexual Content, Graphic Language, Explicit Descriptions of Intimacy to include Masturbation, Adult Toys, Anal Play/Intercourse, and Voyeurism/Exhibitionism. *Warning: This book features elements some readers might find objectionable including Bondage, Spanking, and Flogging.

HEAT LEVEL:  Fire Opal

LENGTH: Category


Freelance writer Saffron Tyler needs work. When she offers her journalistic skills to Steele Publications, they suggest that she spend two weeks as a submissive at Fingertip Fantasies, an exclusive BDSM resort that caters to the ultimate fantasies of any customer willing to pay for the high-end service. She?s been tasked to come back with a titillating exposé guaranteed to enthrall the readers of Steele?s underground magazine, Salacious.

But when Saffron arrives at the resort, she realizes nothing is as it seems, from the fact she doesn?t know where the resort is located, or anything about the man she is submitting to?except she?s to call him Master, with a capital M.

What starts out as an undercover assignment soon becomes so much more. Immersed in the lifestyle, Saffron finds herself no longer acting the role of the submissive, but actually wanting to be the perfect sub her Master believes she can be. When all is said and done, will Saffron take her experience and her story and never look back? Or will she choose to stay with the man who commands her mind, body, and soul.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 5.00