Touch Me

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Touch Me

Awesome Foursome Series, #3

Ann Montgomery is a beautiful lawyer with a Type A personality and is considered by her friends to be a workaholic. When Ann is told by her dentist that she needs to relax, she listens to her friends and visits Pure Indulgence. While there, she meets Adonis Stefanakis, a gorgeous Greek masseur who thinks she should change her lifestyle and remain stress-free. She's not his type, but there is something about her that causes some unwanted lustful thoughts. Ann is naughty and wants to act on a few of her fantasies. That's when all the fun begins.

Touch Me is book 3 in the Awesome Foursome Series, but this and the other books can stand on their own. The two main characters intrigued me immediately. Yes, Ann's a control freak, but that doesn't dull her witty sense of humor throughout the book. Adonis is confident, but not cocky. He shows us his sensitivity without being delicate. We soon get caught up in the whirlwind as these two opposites soon realize their tentative relationship is about more than just sizzling sex. The author understands her characters in TOUCH ME and does a good job of using each of them to weave a wonderful love story. Ms. Lyons soon has us believing that our fantasies can come true, too. This is a tantalizing, erotic and fun read that you would definitely enjoy.

Book Blurb for Touch Me

The third book in the Awesome Foursome series, TOUCH ME is Ann Montgomery's story. What happens when a stressed-out workaholic lady lawyer meets a Greek godmasseur? For control-freak Ann, her career is all that matters. Laid-backAdonis Stefanakis has lessons to teach her: about balance, and getting intouch with her feminine, sensual side. Ann's willing to learn, but only ifthey play by her rules and take turns on top - i.e., in control!

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00