Top Hunt

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Top Hunt

WARNING: This title contains explicit descriptions or oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Bondage, pain, humiliation, and degradation also play a major role.

The title of this book was edgy and drew my attention immediately. I was captivated right away with all of the steamy action and the reason that Ms. Campbell chose to call her book, Top Hunt.

This novel is a page-turner that tells us about Jen's search for the ultimate master who can really control her. As the regional vice president of a major retail store, she yearns for strict dominance from a strong man. It's fascinating to see the display of tremendous tolerance, as Jen completes erotic tests to prove her willingness to become Master Keefe's slave.

There's a story within the story, as Donna, Jen's assistant at work, is a sexual dynamo who realizes her own sweet and submissive personality. Top Hunt is a keeper that I recommend highly.

Book Blurb for Top Hunt

Follow assertive, businesswoman, Jennifer Campbell as she journeys into a new world of obedient submission to counterbalance her type-A lifestyle. After she abandons her first top, an emotional, soul-baring lunch with two female co-workers leads her into a deeper, dominating relationship with her lovely blonde assistant, Donna Murphy. Donna eventually confesses a submissive need herself, and asks Jennifer to take control of her sexual life as her Mistress. It is a tough call for Jennifer, as she has already been lured into a trial to submit to the handsome, but demanding Master Keefe. Jennifer's sexual flames have been lit by another of his submissives, the lovely, and sublimely-obedient Gail, who Jennifer longs to emulate. In a sexual fervor, Jennifer also offers her obedience and her body to Master Grant, who makes her moan and groan in pain and ecstasy through a marathon twelve hour play session. She endures the use and whims of four colorful visitors sent by Master Keefe to test her submission. In the end, Jennifer makes the right choice for her, and opens a door into a seductive need that may eventually take complete control of her.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.00