The Satin Sash

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The Satin Sash

Imagine having your life forever changed when a Satin Sash is used as a symbol of permission for a decadent weekend where anything goes with the man of your dreams and his best friend. That’s the intriguing premise of this author’s steamy first full length novel.
Hopelessly in love with the feisty and beautiful graphic design artist, Antonia (Toni) Kearny, Grey is shocked when his best friend of 20 years and business partner Heath Solis, suggests that his girlfriend of a year and a half is attracted to him. Uh oh…this could mean trouble. Toni can’t seem to help it, but Heath’s pull is irresistible as she’s drawn to his bad boy persona during a benefit dance.   Now Toni has some explaining to do when they get home. True to form, Grey remains stoic, reserved and enigmatic as they get caught up in a night of naughty passion once they’re alone at home. Toni admits to a simple attraction, and Grey declines to discuss the matter any further. 
While Grey refuses to say the words out loud, his love for Toni makes him want to please her in any way possible, so he sets up an informal dinner for them to discuss the matter of a possible threesome in detail. All Toni has to do is give up her sash to show her interest in a ménage a trois with Grey and Heath. Breathless with excitement and decadent heat while both alpha males tease her during the meal, Toni realizes there is no turning back as all three agree to visit Cabo for some lusty fun. How will this wicked weekend end?
The Satin Sash does a good job of analyzing the words and actions of two best friends when they realize this weekend of frolicking is about more than a onetime sexcapade, and they unwittingly get caught up in a whirlwind of emotions. Ms. Garnier introduces characters that are complex, interesting and equally likeable. Heath is a love ‘em or leave ‘em kind of guy, but finds this experience decidedly different. Grey is used to maintaining control at all times, yet, he’s feeling conflicted about the whole situation. Adorably fun, sweet and sexy, Toni is engaging throughout the book, as she comes to the frightening realization that it may be possible to love two men at once. Some erotic writers have a tendency to become heavy handed with random smorgasbords of sexual romps, but NOT Ms. Garnier! Yes, the sex is blistering hot and very arousing, yet this author cleverly remains disciplined by staying focused on the theme of the story and the actual emotions of the players. That’s what makes this realistic love story a cut above the rest and well worth keeping on your bookshelf.

Book Blurb for The Satin Sash

Among three lovers, there are ties that bind…

Business partners and best friends Grey Richards and Heath Solis are as different as night and day. Grey is calm, confident, and always in control. Heath is as passionate as his smoldering looks. No woman can resist them, and it’s always been easy to share. Until now…

Grey is head over heels in love. He’ll do anything to see Antonia Kearny smile, to hear her breath catch, to make her scream his name. And when he realizes that Toni wants another man—and that it’s Heath— he’ll make the ultimate sacrifice…

On a decadent weekend in Mexico, Toni will experience the hunger, the touch, the taste of two men. But will her desire bring them together, or tear them apart?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 5.00