The Land of Mango Sunsets

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The Land of Mango Sunsets

Sad and frustrated over the recent loss of her husband to a much younger woman, Miriam Elizabeth Swanson just can't seem to get past the blow to her ego. In addition, she's not getting along that great with her grown sons, and she's feeling the financial crunch. Hoping to make herself feel better, she decides to visit her mom, Josephine in Sullivan's Island, SC. Her mother insists that she stop feeling sorry for herself and encourages her to get herself together and start over. Enter Harrison Ford, the man she believes her mom is having an affair with.

The first thing I noticed about this wonderful book was the title and cover, both of which are absolutely beautiful. Remembering the beauty of South Carolina, Ms. Frank entranced me with her descriptive display of the area. For those that have never visited, Sullivan's Island is poetically divine. The book masterfully tells a story of woman wronged by a man out for himself and choosing to forget his commitment to family and marriage. We feel Miriam's pain, and love her sense of humor as she copes with the monumental changes she's now forced to endure. As she get to know more about Harrison, she's surprised about how he makes her feel and doesn't quite know how to handle him. Enjoy this tantalizing tale as we learn how Miriam finds herself and experiences joy she can never imagine. Once you start reading, THE LAND OF MANGO SUNSETS will be hard to put down.

Book Blurb for The Land of Mango Sunsets

Dorothea Benton Frank writes highly addictive tales of life's conundrums with hilarity and heat. Meet Miriam Elizabeth Swanson, in a full-blown snit, buoyed by a fabulous cast that runs the gamut from insufferable to wonderful. First is the arrival of Liz Harper, Miriam's tenant from Birmingham, who sets a new cycle in motion. Her other tenant, Kevin, stalwart companion with more style than Cary Grant, shakes Miriam out of her fog to see which battles are worth the fight. Then there's Miriam's estranged son, who announces he's marrying a Jamaican woman. And what about her ex-husband, Charles, and that sordid lingerie model of his? Finally, you'll laugh and cry when Miriam meets a man named Harrison who changes her into a gal named Mellie. Miriam spins out from the revolving door of her postured life as a Manhattan quasi-socialite while she thirsts, no, starves for recognition. It takes a few spins, dips, and one spectacular fall until Miriam gets her head on straight. Then in a whoosh she's off to the enchanted and mysterious land of Sullivans Island, deep in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Told straight from the heart in Frank's vivid, highly entertaining style, The Land of Mango Sunsets just might be her finest work to date. If you decide to read this book, don't make plans to do anything else for a while.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00