Sleeping With the Devil

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Sleeping With the Devil

Erotic Contemporary Romance

At just 23, Meg is a successful dessert chef in Oregon, and has been in a relationship with Steve, a salesman for about a year. They decide to take a special vacation to the beach to celebrate the 1st time they had sex. Sadly, Meg doesn't really remember the event, but it's important to Steve. During the celebration, their eyes are drawn to Jordan Blair and his very beautiful blonde date. Steve, of course, focuses on the lady in red, while Meg feels the magnetic pull of this handsome and apparently rich man. Wanting to get closer to Meg, Jordan invites the both of them to his home. Almost immediately, Steve's personality changes and he ends up in the hot tub with Kimberly. Meg gets in too, but soon feels uncomfortable sexual tension and goes back into the house. Going upstairs to relax, she runs into Jordan. Making no secret of the fact that he wants her, Jordan manipulates Megan so that she catches Steve having sex in the living room with Kimberly. Drawn to Jordan's smoldering sexiness, and knowing her relationship has just ended, Meg has no idea how her life will soon spiral dangerously out of control.

The author quickly grabs our attention in the first few pages as we realize something terrible has happened. Then, her descriptive narrative is consistently riveting as Meg tells her own story of lusty excitement and unwanted submission. Initially, we are just as fascinated with this gorgeous and mysterious man as Meg is. Ms. Marlow makes us watch and listen as Jordan craftily builds up Meg's self esteem with flowing compliments and passionate sex, then slowly eats away at her character until we no longer know who she is. The plot is so convincing that we are truly stunned at how this all ends. Sleeping With the Devil leaps off the page and holds you in its grip until the shocking conclusion. Vanessa Marlow's darkly erotic effort is a definite keeper.

Book Blurb for Sleeping With the Devil

Meg White leads a comfortably ordinary life. She's engaged to be married, has a

stable job as a chef, and a cozy apartment in Portland. Nothing prepared her for

a man like Jordan Blair, the wealthy, magnetic stranger who seduces her and

introduces her to a new life of luxury... and sin. Obsessed with Jordan and intrigued

by his dark sexual kinks, Meg allows him to transform her into a sophisticated beauty

with no ties to her past. But soon she's hopelessly trapped in a web of lust and

perverse sexuality, and she doesn't know whether the man who's consumed her

life is good or evil, whether her nights are filled with pleasure or pain - until she

finds herself struggling just to survive...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00