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Feeling a little naughty tonight?  Explore your wild side with XTV, the adult’s only cable channel available for your viewing pleasure 24 hours a day.  Come on and have some uncensored fun with  newbie Zaza, spiteful anchorwoman Valerie and talk show hostess, Emily in Carole Hart’s heat-filled tale, Show Me.

Having sex on LIVE television is definitely more interesting than just a plain old interview, and Emily Lister has just the right touch by getting her guests to agree.  Enjoying her life of no strings sex, Emily is nonetheless embarrassed when Ralph  Anderman, one of Fortune 100’s richest people, shows up asking her out to lunch.  Never mind that attempts to get him on the show have been less than successful.  Intrigued, she accepts.  During lunch Ralph admits to not watching the show because he doesn’t want to see Emily having sex with other men.  Very interesting.

The desire to be involved in the porn industry had been with Zaza Jeresky since forever, so when the Director of Programming of XTV, Leonard  Falwell, offers her a job as a production assistant, she literally jumps at the chance.  Finding out there is no such person as Mr. Falwell working at the station, Zaza gets to working right away for the Queen of Mean, Valerie LeBlanc.  Having sex with Anthony, someone else’s assistant, Zaza is late meeting Valerie and is quickly fired from job # four.  Crying on her way to tell the Babylonia, the owner, the bad news, she runs into her secret crush , Jared Vairy.  Despite all the horrible things that have gone wrong in her life, she can’t believe that Jared actually thinks she ‘s special and sparks soon fly.

Valerie LeBlanc  has a reputation for being the “most hated” woman on television, and she’s made a big deal about being a virgin.  Everything she’s done has an ulterior motive until she meets Liam.  He’s everything she’s ever needed and he accepts her for who she is.  Despite Valerie’s apparent mean spirit, there’s more to her than meets the eye, and she has a story to tell.  Unfortunately, her vindictiveness causes her to lose her job and her life changes forever.

The idea of this story is creative and appealing, taking time to explore some unexpected emotional depth. There is some intense mixing up of the players that may initially confuse the reader, but getting caught up is worth the effort. Wickedly engaging and hot, check out Show Me today.

Book Blurb for Show Me

A 24-hour cable channel that is completely uncensored, uninhibited, and without shame. And an erotic novel that follows suit...

XTV is the 24-hour cable channel for adults only- and it's hot fun for the women who work there: Zaza, the young ingénue who's more than eager to experience on-the-job training-in front of the camera...or behind. Emily is a revealing talk-show host, but the next thing to be exposed is her secret affair with one of the country's richest men. Vengeful anchorwoman Valerie's specialty is destroying careers. Now, all secrets are going to be revealed. No matter how dirty.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.00