She's On Top

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She's On Top

Rina Goldberg is a musician who is in a relationship with Al. When he proposes, she begins to wonder if this is the man she really wants to spend the rest of her life with. Confused, she turns to her 3 best friends for advice. In sync with Rina's views, Ann, Jenny and Suzanne think she should shop around a little more before making a final decision. Rina then takes the initiative to reach out to Giancarlo, one of her past lovers. Giancarlo is now a successful music video director and sparks flew when they were last together.

She's On Top is book 4 in the Awesome Foursome Series, but this and the other books can definitely stand on their own. Ms. Lyons has the reader immediately entranced with Giancarlo's passion and caring personality. We also feel linked with Rina as she lets us in her life to share her musical talent, sense of humor and insecurities. Here is a sexy man who is interested in making Rina feel beautiful and special. They both enjoy the sizzling and steamy sex, but Giancarlo wants commitment. He just isn't sure how to convince Rina. Here is the type of man we've all dreamed of meeting and making our dreams come true. When we see the chemistry between these two dynamic characters, we wonder how in the world Rina could have even considered being with Al. In addition, the writer cleverly tells us a story within a story by sharing juicy information about Rina's friends and what happens with their love lives. Will we see marriage? Will each connection work out? The reader will not be able to put this book down, needing to know how it all ends. This is my first time reading Susan Lyon's novels, but once I started this series, I was immediately hooked on her wonderful way of depicting erotic and very real love stories. Get the fascinating conclusion to the Awesome Foursome Series, by checking out She's On Top.

This is a keeper that I highly recommend.

Book Blurb for She's On Top

They call themselves the Awesome Foursome-four girlfriends who share everything except their men. Three have found the ultimate in lust and love and now it's Rina's turn. PLAY ME Music is Rina Goldberg's passion and she can never forget the sensual rhapsody she experienced in the arms of Giancarlo, her first lover. Ten years later, Giancarlo is sexier and more romantic than ever. His masterful fingers still know how to create the most intimate melody of pleasure and he understands every nuance of a woman's sensuality. And Rina is the only woman he wants. Their passionate encore takes her to a glorious, unforgettable climax and there's more where that came from. Much more. Biography Susan Lyons grew up in Victoria, British Columbia and now lives in the amazing city of Vancouver, where many of her stories are set. She has degrees in law and psychology, and has had a variety of careers, including perennial student, computer consultant, and legal editor. Fiction writer is by far her favorite. Writing gives her a perfect outlet to demonstrate her belief in the power of love, friendship and a sense of humor.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00