Secret Ties

Summer is thrilled to be asked by her best friend, an erotic romance novelist to attend a trade show totally devoted to the world of adult entertainment. Spending time with Tanya is definitely worth the 2-hour drive, and the event is turning out to be quite interesting. 
Working in the booth as fans read through Tanya’s latest work, Summer is surprised when people start purchasing the chocolate penis lollipops she’s brought along. Summer wouldn’t sell these in her candy store, but they seem to be going over well at this venue. Things are even better when the intensely handsome man across the room who has been watching her comes over to introduce himself. Not only is he a friend of Tanya’s, but he also happens to be a Dominant. Watching Summer’s excitement as she watches some of the BDSM scenes, Max doesn’t mind spending time with her this weekend to show her more. It’s not long before Summer finds out she’s not who she thinks she is, as she gets caught up in a new world of erotic wonder with Max.
While Summer is very much attracted to Max and loves the way he makes her feel, she still can’t stop thinking about her friends at home Shane and Kyle. Summer enjoys their company, as they are also best friends doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to go out with either, causing a potential rift in the friendship. When the weekend is over and Summer goes back home, she misses Max terribly. She already had a problem having feelings for Kyle and Shane, now she wants something more with Max. What in the world is a girl to do? How can she possibly choose between 3 very sexy men?
I don’t know about you, but I think that Summer’s dilemma is the ultimate fantasy. To be loved and cherished by three very hot men would surely make my day. Ms. Carew skillfully delves into the world of BDSM with Max and Summer as the main characters. Those curious about this lifestyle will see how easy it is to enter into a consensual relationship such as this, and to experience a true exchange of power. Well-plotted and truly realistic, I found it difficult to put SECRET TIES down. While Shane and Kyle are instrumental to the success of the overall story, and they are sexy in their own way, I still lusted after Max and everything he stood for. As the scenes played out, I needed a fan near by because they were wonderfully erotic and totally hot! Well executed, I wasn’t sure how things were going to turn out until close to the very end. I highly recommend Ms. Carew’s latest work, SECRET TIES for your bookcase.

Book Blurb for Secret Ties

When Summer meets Max Delaney, she instantly falls under his spell. Max is a master of bondage and submission, and Summer yearns to be dominated by him body and soul. Max tutors her in the pleasures of submissive sex, and together they explore Summer's most hidden fantasies. But can she surrender to her ultimate desire: to share herself with three men at once? And is this merely a red-hot fling, or does she have a future with Max outside the bedroom?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 5.00