Scorching Sammie

Samantha (Sammie) Vining is a big fish in a little pond as she travels from New York to Okalooma, Florida on business for the Octave Development Corporation. Losing her luggage in the small town has Sammie a little irritated, but things begin to look up as she’s picked up from the airport by the very hot Sheriff, Bill Donovan. Intrigued by his masculinity and the way he carries his handcuffs, Sammie can’t help but be intrigued.
Unfortunately, Bill knows why she’s here and isn’t looking forward to chauffeuring her around as she tries to pitch her company’s new development ideas for the town. She’s on a mission to get promoted, and he’s determined to send her on her way back to New York. Still, noticing the way she almost drools over his handcuffs, he can’t help but be attracted to this red-haired beauty and wouldn’t mind showing her a few games in the bedroom.
ScorchingSammie cleverly combines a good mix of humor, a believable plot and plenty of steamy and enjoyable sex. The Sheriff has some commitment issues that are clearly understood as I continued to read the story. Sammie is delightful in her quest for dominance and more from this tortured heartthrob, and I loved their interaction. I could just picture being there as I experienced laughter, frustration, sadness and joy as these two coped with their feelings. I think you’ll enjoy this latest read from Gabriel Reese and want to keep it around for a while.

Book Blurb for Scorching Sammie

Sammie is one development deal away from a vice presidency at the Octave Corporation. Her lone obstacle is Sheriff Bill Donovan, who is hell bent on running the feisty redhead out before she can ruin his peaceful little town. Sammie is furious over Donovan’s taunting and teasing, but she can’t get the cocky, handsome-as-sin lawman out of her mind. He is the embodiment of her darkest fantasies.

Donovan wants Sammie in his bed—now. It shouldn’t be too difficult. He’s noticed that she can’t keep her eyes off his handcuffs. He intends to seize control, enjoy Sammie’s body and use her for his own ends.

When Sammie’s sleazy colleague shows up with designs on the town and on Sammie, things get personal in a hurry. Donovan might have to choose between upholding the law and defending the woman who has managed to grab hold of his heart.


Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.00