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Harmony hasn’t been exactly forthcoming with the love of her life, and when he asks her to marry him she’s hesitant about saying yes. She loves and adores Aiden and has to be honest about who she really is, even if it means losing him for good. They haven’t been together that long, but she’s been hiding a secret for the past 12 years.
Aiden has no problem initially when Harmony tries to explain about her annual trip with friends. He is a little surprised, however, when he realizes the trip not only includes two female friends, but two men as well. But these vacations are not exactly what he’s used to, as they are filled with some wicked, naughty sex and anything goes, including group sex. Determined to not lose the love of his life now that he’s found her, Aiden decides to go along on the sexual jaunt and packs his bags. While there, the couple end up running into someone quite unexpected and the relationship is complicated even further.
Ms. Carew has cleverly depicted one of the most accurate portrayals of an alternative lifestyle and subsequent romance that I’ve ever read, and the title is absolutely yummy.  I could feel the fear emanating from Harmony as she tried to figure out a way to communicate about her sexual needs to a man she is very clearly in love with. Not knowing what to expect and willing to lay his heart on the line for the woman he loves, Aiden finds courage to explore Harmony’s on-going sexual fantasy. 
Aiden has no idea of how he will feel about seeing the woman he wants to marry involved with other men, and the reader will wonder, too. Harmony begins to wonder if she’s making all of the right choices about her life; the possibility of losing Aiden is very real. And when someone from the past shows up, Harmony and Aiden experience some unexplored feelings that could jeopardize an already tricky situation. The author paints a realistic portrait of how any one of us may feel when fantasy turns into the ultimate sexual exploration and love is involved. The emotional depth and characterization of each player is brilliantly portrayed, and the sex is enticing and steamily erotic. A dip in an icy pool in the winter is what I needed just to cool off a little once I finished this yummy tale!
Creative, sensual and talented, I plan to get everything Ms. Carew has ever written to keep on my shelf. Bravo for a job well done!

Book Blurb for SIX

Harmony leads a secret life.  On the surface, she’s a respectable, straight-laced professional.  But once a year, she reunites with her old college friends--the infamous Group of Six--for a decadent sexual free-for-all.  Here, there are no limits.  Nothing is forbidden as they push every boundary to reach dizzying new heights of pleasure.  But this year, Harmony has a serious boyfriend in her life…and he has no idea about her naughty annual retreats.  Now Aiden is about to enter an intoxicating new world of explosive sensuality and mind-blowing group sex.  But can their relationship withstand Harmony’s wild side?  And when an old friend reveals his true feelings for Harmony, how far is Aiden willing to go to win her heart?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 5.00