Oysters and Chocolate : Erotic Stories of Every Flavor

Artfully constructed from page one with a four course menu Oysters & Chocolate is designed to tempt and titillate your taste buds with unexpected and decadent treats.  Rarely have I read an anthology that is able to deliver not just one or two, but 20 well written stories that successfully unveil some of our deepest fantasies.


Readers will be entranced with tales of naughty restaurant trysts, sensual spanking in unexpected places, adventures with strangers, and many more intense experiences.  Short and eloquent, each narrative moves easily into the next, providing many leg crossing moments; but as difficult as it was, I did force myself to choose a few favorites, and include, "The Sound of Revenge" by Gwen Masters, "Spanked on Stage, by Iona Blair, "The Taste of Love", by Alicia Night Orchid, "Rusty Nail", by Neve Black, "Mars with Mars & Venus", by  Alana Noel Voth and "Please Sir", by Jordana Winters.  It was great to see that the two lone male writers can hold their own by delivering alluring stories that left me breathless.

For pure entertainment with a slow simmer that explodes into explosive ecstasy, this book is one to enjoy again and again, and is well worth keeping in your library.

Book Blurb for Oysters and Chocolate : Erotic Stories of Every Flavor

A mouth-watering anthology from the creators of the popular online destination for women's erotica

The naughty masterminds behind OystersandChocolate.com serve up a tasty anthology like no other.

It's for readers who crave the classic, creamy taste of smooth vanilla...for readers who like the sting of a bittersweet whip of black licorice...for readers who delight in a cocktail with a dirty twist...for readers who prefer the succulent taste of a sweet-scented oyster.

From the premier source of boundary-pushing erotica comes an anthology that dares to cross the spectrum of sexuality and sensuality—from the tenderly romantic to the totally taboo. Whatever you're craving, Oysters & Chocolate fulfills every desire, no matter how decadent, how wanton, or how delicious.


Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 5.00