Moon of the Falling Leaves

Swift Eagle had no idea that his dreams would lead him to Jessica Maxwell and her kids, but he comes upon stranded on the mountain, he knows it’s his destiny to protect them from harm. Distrustful of Indians, and fearful of the Lakota Warrior’s intent, Jessica is hesitant to allow Swift Eagle to take care of them; but when she witnesses his gentle spirit and willingness to help not only her but her four children, she places their lives in his very capable hands.
Determined to get them to safety before the big snow falls, things are complicated when Jessica becomes gravely ill. He uses all of his skill and strength to save her so that her kids aren’t left without a mother, as well as a father.
Ms. White brings this magnificent tale of love together with just the right touches of warmth, spirit and characterization. Moon of the Falling Leaves is a beautiful romance between a man and woman from different cultures, realizing that love does conquer all things. It’s cleverly written and well-researched. I adored the multi-dimensional depth of Swift Eagle and found him to be sensual, kind and masterful. Jessica is equally engaging as she realizes all the things she’s heard about the Indian race aren’t true. It’s intriguing to watch her intensity and commitment to what she believes in and how she copes with her own physical discomfort while traveling in the brutally cold weather, being ill and later during another tragic situation.
The plot flows smoothly as this story explores so many emotions, and literally found that I simply couldn’t put it down. For those who may be afraid to take a chance on love, this book will absolutely convince you to never give up. Moon of the Falling Leaves is classically exquisite and I’ll treasure it forever.

Book Blurb for Moon of the Falling Leaves

What does a woman do when she and her children are stranded on the side of a mountain with winter looming? Jessica Maxwell finds out how uncertain life can be when her husband dies on the trail, leaving his family alone.

What does a Lakota Sioux Warrior do when he is compelled to aid a family of White people, though he despises the White Man?  Swift Eagle learns to care and heals his wounded spirit with the help of the Maxwell family.

This is a debut single title. Very sensual is the rating given by several reviewers.


Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2009 5.00