Hot, Wicked and Wild

Exotica Line - Wickedly HOT

Tracie Hill is not happy about the retirement of favorite boss at Financial Resources, and she’s even less thrilled about the arrival of the new CEO, J.P. Montgomery. She’s looking forward to being an executive assistant, but not to J.P.   Everything she’s heard has painted an unflattering portrait of the next man in charge. Add to that the disastrous breakup with her latest boyfriend Rex, and all she wants to do is end the day in a nice bubble bath with her latest toys as company. Uncomfortable in her torn pantyhose, she dumps them in the waste basket; only to experience total embarrassment as the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen walks into the new CEO’s office.
Pete is immediately attracted to the beauty in front of him and wants to know more. They both get the surprise of the lifetime when a power failure in the building shuts everything down.  Stuck in the office together, Tracie gets a chance to explore some of her submissive sexual tendencies and Pete doesn’t mind helping. Pete’s got a secret that he’s not telling, but it doesn’t stop things from heating up in the office.
Desiree Holt literally makes my heart flutter with anything she writes, and she does it again with Hot, Wicked and Wild.   From the very beginning, readers will love Tracie’s spicy and adorable character, and I truly adored the delicious dominance of Pete throughout the entire story. He is a powerful man that knows what he wants, and he desires Tracie. Tracie has yearned to fulfill some of her dreams, but her last relationship left much to be desired. Ms. Holt tells a believable story blended with details, eroticism, a little BDSM and playfulness to make it fun. I enjoyed the relationship and wanted them together, and you will, too. If you like life a little Hot, Wicked and Wild, I guarantee you’ll keep this one and it will make you sweat!

Book Blurb for Hot, Wicked and Wild

Tracie Hill is having a bad day. Her boss has sold the investment company to a much larger corporation, a new boss with a reputation as a tyrant is arriving tomorrow morning, and she’s just torn her last pair of pantyhose. As she’s stripping them off to toss in the trash, she sees the most gorgeous man ever standing in her doorway. Then the power goes out, locking them inside.


It is a wild beginning for Tracie and sexy Pete Montgomery, but as they move in together and he introduces her to the erotic delights of a BDSM relationship and the excitement of an occasional ménage, she learns what she’s been missing all these years. It isn’t, however, until she accompanies Pete to a secluded island in the Caribbean, to a house party where the theme is “anything goes” that she learns just how uninhibited she can be. And whether Pete will finally claim her as his forever.


Publisher Note: The stories Tight Delights and Pleasure Principle have been previously published elsewhere. 


Reader Advisory: Contains group sex scenes and M/F/M menages.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 5.00