His Perfect Submissive

Erotic Domestic Discipline Romance

Can you imagine knowing that your own brother embezzled $30,000 from a company with the very real possibility of jail time? Kara is fearful of what will happen to her brother and agrees to enter into a submissive arrangement with Slade to save her brother from prison. Kara is anxious about a sexual relationship with her soon-to-be husband, and thinks it best not to tell him about her rape when she was a child. Determined, Kara knows she has to protect her brother and figure out how she'll allow this dominant man to master her.

The characters in this book were real and engrossing, making it hard to put the book down. Submission is all about trusting and Ms. Aaron does a good job of showing us how Kara is able to evolve and get past the trauma she experienced as a young child. For those not into the lifestyle, it soon becomes readily apparent how easy it is to get caught up and excited over this type of relationship. Fear slowly turns into desire and we realize that being submissive really means more about being in control. The author continues to pull us into this powerful story and we share in the explosive emotions of Slade and Kara's union. His Perfect Submissive is a book you won't want to miss.

Book Blurb for His Perfect Submissive

Kara was the victim of a brutal rape that occurred when she was seven. The event destroyed her family and left her fearful and distrustful of men.

When Kara's brother embezzles $30,000 from Slade's company, Kara goes to Slade's office determined to talk him out of going to the police.

Slade wants a peaceful, obedient, submissive with whom to share his life and in Kara he glimpses what he wants. He seizes the opportunity and makes Kara an offer she can't afford to refuse. The only way she can save her brother from certain prison is to accept Slade's marriage proposal and become his submissive.

Kara faces her wedding with anxiety. She can't tell Slade she can't submit sexually without risking her brother's freedom, yet she doubts she'll be able to keep her promise to be a submissive, obedient wife.

This romance explores the role of trust in even the most mismatched of partnerships and explores the complex connections between dominance and submission while it demonstrates the power of real love to heal even the deepest wounds.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00