Heat Seeker

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Heat Seeker

Elite Ops Series, #3

When CIA agent Bailey Serborne hooked up for a night of explosive sex with Australian Secret Intelligence agent Trent Daylen to celebrate the success of their joint mission in Brisbane, she knew d she’d found her soul mate. When he goes out to get them something to eat, and is killed in a horrible explosion right outside their bungalow, her heart is shattered and Trent is no more.

Five (5) years later and no longer an agent, she’s captured by “ghosts” in Georgia, right in the middle of her chance to capture the deadly terrorist, Orion. These men are after Orion, too, and they want to find out what Bailey knows. Leaving her in the very capable hands of John Vincent while they wait on the special drug they need for Bailey’s interrogation, he has other ideas. As she listens to the things he says and feels the heat from his touch, something about this man is very familiar. He’s no more an arms dealer than she is, but that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t pose a danger. Telling her she has 5 minutes to get away or he won’t be able to protect her, she whispers secrets about Orion and seconds later races off to Washington DC.

After the needless death of her parents seven years ago, Bailey never expected to return home and all the wealth that life represented. As much as she hated this world, she knew being here was necessary to get close to the man who paid Orion to kill her parents. Unfortunately, Orion’s death was carried by those mysterious men who had kidnapped her in Atlanta and she was angry, but this time, she would allow nothing to stand in her way to find and kill Warbucks, the ringleader.  

John Vincent and the rest of the Elite Ops Team are on a mission to find and take out Warbucks, too. John knows the best way to protect Bailey and get close to his prey is to stick like to this feisty and opinionated woman. Both want the same thing, but for very different reasons. Used to a life of danger, neither is willing to back down and therein lays the premise for this action-filled romance guaranteed to curl your toes.

Lora Leigh brings the heat and plenty of intrigue in her latest Elite Ops book focused on John and Bailey. While each book can stand alone, you’re missing a treat if you haven’t been keeping up with this smoldering series. Bailey is all about her own brand of justice and no shrinking violet, so it’s extra fun to watch the verbal sparring between her and John. He epitomizes the alpha male with a wickedly fun sense of humor and he knows just what to say to reel Bailey in. I absolutely adored his expressive grey eyes. HEAT SEEKER is aptly named because you’ll hear and feel the sizzle every time you turn these pages. Filled with adventure, suspense, action and lots of hot loving, this one’s a definite keeper!

Re-Released Review. Originally Reviewed 10/9/2009

Book Blurb for Heat Seeker

John Vincent has always led a life of danger, and now he has every reason to want to remain as dead as the obituary in the Australian papers had proclaimed him to be. He’d left nothing behind in the life he had once led—except for one woman, and one night of unforgettable passion. Now, both will return to haunt him…

Bailey Serborne is still tormented by a past she can’t change and a man she hasn’t been able to forget. A man who was supposed to dead.. But now, a stroke of fate has revealed that sometimes, a woman is given a second chance to heal her heart—and exact the sweetest revenge…

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 5.00