Forbidden Fantasies

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Forbidden Fantasies

Celina, Elayne and Jasmine are three beautiful women thrilled to get the chance of a lifetime on a fantasy cruise. Each has had sexual fantasies, but they never dreamed that everything their heart desires is about to come true in a way they don’t expect. These three days of fun in the sun never looked so wonderful…or inviting.
FORBIDDEN FANTASIES is a clever tale of desire and whimsy that I thought was brilliantly created. The author did a great job of rousing my imagination, and some of the sexual scenes were quite titillating and steamy.   While the characters are interesting in their own way, I didn’t feel a deep connection with either of them, and considering the innovative storyline, this was disappointing.  Once I realized the characterization was somewhat formulaic, it was difficult to imagine any of them in a committed relationship. 
As the story wraps up, many will find that the sexual pace of the book is quite satisfying, and with a little tweaking would be a fabulous read for the summer.

Book Blurb for Forbidden Fantasies

An engraved invitation leads three women on a voyage to the fulfillment of their wildest erotic fantasies.

Celina, who longs to find that one special person. Elayne, who has been burned twice by men and has no desire to get involved with another one. Jasmine, who only wants a good time with no strings attached.

They come together on the pleasure yacht, S. S. Fantasy, to honor their college friend who recently died in an accident. It's Celina who first discovers a brochure about the yacht, which states nothing is forbidden onboard and a passenger's most erotic fantasy can come true. They only have to wait until the ship crosses into The Bermuda Triangle.

After that, anything is possible...

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 3.50