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Book 3 of the Mansion Series

Things aren’t quite what they should be at The Mansion as Jennifer fights her frustration with Mistress Cassandra, her novice instructor. Knowing of his importance to her, and thrilled that Master Aldridge plans to visit this weekend, Jennifer is sure that her mistress has some diabolical plan of monstrous proportions designed to humiliate her more than usual, and she dreads it. Already, she feels aggravated as her other sister slaves are able to strut in beautiful and revealing gowns designed to incite lustful thoughts while she’s forced to parade as Fluffy, the cute puppy, she’s portrayed since her first class with Mistress Cassandra. But even Master Keefe notices the disparity in how Jennifer is being treated as Cassandra cleverly responds that she’s being treated more strenuously in preparation for her position as first slave in the mansion, but is this really what she wants? Has she made the right choice for her life?
For those who started the Mansion Series with Top Hunt, and followed up with Two to Serve, you’ll enjoy the path that Evolution takes to bring you closer to Jennifer’s journey as a submissive. Ms. Campbell does a good job of depicting realistic portrayals of the main players, but the secondary characters are equally well crafted. I found myself initially not liking Cassandra, but found her to be emotionally stirring as the story moves forth. Gail, the current first slave gets the chance of the lifetime as her status changes, too. Selina plays her part well and you’ll find yourself entranced with her depth and wickedness. The structure of the book demands your attention and dares you to be turned on by what you experience on the page. While the masters are sexy, dominant and offer up some blazingly hot sexual play, this story isn’t really about them; still they are an inspiration to the overall success of Evolution. I found that this book is much more about the women and the ultimate power they bring to the table. Dark and engaging, I always enjoy the emotionally evolving work of Ms. Campbell and add this to my keeper file.

Book Blurb for Evolution

In the third installment of the Mansion Series, Jennifer finds herself unsure of her commitment to the Mansion, but she is soon drawn deeper into the intrigue of this dark place of fantasy fulfillment and D/s role playing. With her need to submit growing stronger, and a relationship from outside the Mansion growing, Jennifer becomes the fulcrum of a power struggle between her Master and the specters of his past. Danger lurks at the Mansion in the form of Mistress Cassandra, and her pawn Selina, a gold digging Mansion slave. However Jennifer soon finds there is an evil power controlling Cassandra, who is bent on the destruction of the Mansion and the enslavement of Keefe Murdoch. Will Jennifer be able to save the Mansion and her Master from forces she does not even know exist, and if she does will it bring her the happiness she seeks?

Warning: This title contains graphic language, strong sexual content, degradation and humiliation of slaves of both sexes, and transsexual enslavement.


Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 5.00