Erotic Obsession

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Erotic Obsession

Contemporary/Historical - Light Bondage/BDSM

Quite by accident, in the middle of weatherproofing his beautiful cottage, Jay finds an erotic picture of a woman named Emma from over 100 years ago. He is intrigued by her saucy look of defiance as the photographer shoots her in the middle of a very spicy sexual act. Soon, Jay becomes so obsessed with this wondrous beauty that he will go to any length to find out more about her.

This book grabs the reader's attention from beginning to end with some very steamy sex scenes. There are several background characters that play a major role in helping us to understand this very believable story. As the story unfolds we begin to wonder if Jay can sustain his other relationships as he continues to obsess over Emma night and day.

Ms. Blair has mastered the art of turning us on throughout the book, yet the story is so tantalizing, we yearn to figure out how it will all end for Jay. When is wanting something so badly just too much? This intensely raw and erotic story is one I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Special Notes: This book is rated e-taboo

Book Blurb for Erotic Obsession

From the moment Jay finds the shockingly erotic photograph, concealed in the attic wall, he becomes obsessed with the image of the woman in it. She is a seductive femme fatale named Emma, who lived in his secluded island home over a hundred years ago. When he discovers her diary some time later, with it's steamy account of her sexual adventures, it leads him into an intensely exciting world of fantasy and taboo.

With the help of a pretty prostitute from an escort agency, Jay re-enacts the forbidden pleasures described by Emma, with explosive results. Then he meets Emma's great, great granddaughter, a young woman who bears a striking resemblance to the seductress who has so completely captured his soul. As the erotically haunted couple explore their white-hot sexuality together, they enter into a wildly sensuous world that spins dangerously between the past and present.

This book has scenes of spankings, birching, caning, voyeurism & F/F interaction and is not for the faint-hearted!

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00