Chance's Rule

Being in a relationship with Chance for almost two years and loving all the things he did to her, Kinzie felt betrayed and hurt when he walked out of her life with no explanation. Now, Chance is back and he wants to make up for lost time, never forgetting what they shared. Sadly, Chance’s life is unexpected and full of danger and he doesn’t want to subject Kinzie to any of it. Still the two of them are filled with fire and emotion, ready to explode.
A contemporary tale of love, Ms. Gabriel’s talent as a writer lies in her ability to create characters who are deeply emotional and multi-faceted. While she excels in the BDSM genre, and the sex is always steamy, her books are always about so much more. As a physician, Kinzie is clearly a brilliant woman; unfortunately, there was a time she had to hide her submissive nature until Chance expertly brings it in to the forefront. Chance is masterful and intuitive, a hero to many, yet he still manages to give Kinzie what she needs to feel whole. I loved his finesse and yearned to see how he would win her heart all over again. You will too, as you explore Chance’s Rules today.

Book Blurb for Chance's Rule

As much as she craves submission behind closed doors, Dr. Kinzie Sanders is anything but submissive in public. Yet she is used to playing by Chance’s rules. Forbidden to contact him during his mysterious absences, she must bide her time while running a village clinic in a brutally oppressed African country. She daydreams about the sexy Dom returning, to once more take absolute possession of her fevered flesh.

But Kinzie needs more than an occasional touch of the whip. She wants to spend every night tied to his bed, serving his desires. She wants love and gives Chance an ultimatum, forcing him to decide between his secret duty and the woman he has fought so hard to leave.


Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.00