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Brit Party

Ashley Ladd | Lisabet Sarai | Brynn Paulin | Lacey Thorn | Dakota Rebel | Desiree Holt

All six of these writers are clearly talented, having written several stand-alone books throughout their career. They don’t disappoint this time around by giving expertly complied stories of romance filled with erotic pleasure that leaves us breathless and wanting more.
Maggie’s Ménage
Even though Dom Alexander Houston has been mistreating Maggie all her life, he has no problem in trying to insist that she marry one of two men he has chosen. He insists she is worthless and has no desire for her to run his company once she is gone. While the father and daughter argue heatedly, Mr. Houston’s secretary assumes the two men at the door are friends of her boss and unknowingly lets them in the house. Furious with his submissive secretary, he berates her for letting in two detectives he’s been trying to avoid.
Maggie is immediately attracted, as are we, to these two tall, dark and charismatic men.   Feeling Patrick and Alex’s ferocious magnetism, she follows them to their hotel when they get kicked out of her father’s home. Determined to teach her father a lesson she delves into an erotic fantasy we can only dream about. The tables are turned as she realizes her sexual antics with Patrick and Alex ultimately mean so much more than even she could imagine. She’s no shrinking violet and you’ll adore Maggie’s strong-willed spirit. Lacey Thorn gets the juices flowing as she makes us believe this tantalizing tale can happen to us and we start thinking that an arranged marriage may not be all that bad. Perhaps it’s really possible to experience some of the sensuality we see between Patrick, Alex and Maggie. The party is over too soon and we wonder if Maggie has the courage to follow her heart, or cave in to the demands of her controlling dad. Maggie’s Ménage has an intriguing conclusion that may be unexpected, but expertly showcases true love. 
Holly is wondering if Michael, her gorgeous dominant boyfriend is getting bored with their relationship and looks forward to partying with Duncan, a mutual friend, in Scotland.   She feels the extra excitement will keep Michael interested.
As a secure and very sexy dom, Michael doesn’t mind sharing Holly with other men, but once the scene is over, he makes it well known that she belongs only to him. Holly doesn’t understand the look of possessiveness on Michael’s face and wonders if he’s thinking of walking away from all they’ve shared.
Desiree Holt absolutely paints an exciting portrait of the explosive chemistry between Michael, Holly and Duncan during the week they’re together in the Isle of Skye. A little nervous of all the non-stop action, Holly is having an amazing time. She gets even more excited as she realizes something new about the man she loves. But just when we think the fan in the room isn’t cool enough to put out our flames, we’re introduced to yet another steamy partner named Jim. The end of the week comes all too quickly and Michael makes a surprising announcement. You’re going to love this one!
Best Mates
Alec Russert and Kevin Crosby are madly in love, buy something is missing. Jennica is their best friend and at 35, her biological clock is ticking. They both feel sorry that her relationship with Thad has ended and she’s back to square one. Alec admits to Kevin that he, too, wants a baby, and thinks he has the perfect way to make all their dreams come true.
We’re immediately entranced with Ashley Ladd’s story as we notice the great relationship be between Alec and Kevin.  Alec finally gets the courage to ask Jennica to be the mother of her child, but gets a little surprise of his own when she admits to being a sexual submissive. Whew! Can this tale get any more tangled? Before we know it, we’re knee deep into a ménage with a twist. Alec, Kevin and Jennica are truly best friends that look forward to sharing the most important commitment we can imagine. As they get deeper and deeper into the relationship they wonder why it didn’t happen before now.  Of course, it’s sure fun to watch them get started on their mission and we can’t wait to see if they are successful. The pages won’t turn fast enough as you get to the ending of Best Mates!
Boy Toys
Okay, so maybe Dana Matthews is 37 but that make her any less sexual. In fact, Jason Kerzi and Christopher Brown are research scientists that have been worshipping her from afar for some time now. Now that she’s divorced, they’re hoping this weekend business trip will give them the chance to convince Dana that they want to get to know her so much better.
Dana is astounded to realize that her comrades’ childish antics have hidden who they really are. Yes, these two hunks are 10 years younger, but know sure know their way around the bedroom. Turned on by a double whammy of sexual dominance, Dana can’t believe the bliss she’s been missing all these years. They’re there to showcase their scientific skills, but the three soon understand that sexual marathon is a scorching relationship in the making. Before we know it, Jason, Christopher and Dana find it difficult to part and find themselves in a quandary. Will Dana leave her Boy Toys   in England and head back to the United States? Read the thrilling conclusion to find out!
The Wager
How many times have you gone in to the pool hall and watched someone pretend to not know a thing about the game, then run off with a ton of money? Even vampires enjoy the game as we meet Sadie and Will in the local vampire pub, Maxiel. Every week, they have a bet and Will has been winning. This time, though, Will makes a bet with a little more sexual heat and includes a few of their friends. Because he’s always won in the past, Will is flabbergasted to see that his gorgeous girlfriend really knows how to play the game and has been conning him all along.
Dakota Rebel absolutely grabs our attention with the playful and very funny relationship between Sadie and Will. We know right away that this is the perfect couple and we enjoy seeing them together. Everyone knows that Sadie is extremely opinionated and no pushover in or out of the bedroom. When Sadie wins, she gets her choice of what she wants Will to do, but also adores having the new opportunity to be submissive in the bedroom. She gets so turned on watching Will with other vampires that her fangs are literally dripping with glee. The blazing heat in this story is so realistic, that hopping into a cold shower to cool off doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Take a chance on The Wager by Dakota Rebel. I guarantee it’s worth the gamble.
Monsoon Fever
Priscilla misses London as she travels to India with her husband to settle his deceased father’s affairs. In addition to the stress of this unexpected trip, Priscilla also feels that things seem a little mundane in their relationship. She worries if things will soon end in divorce. When Priscilla and Jonathan meet Anil Kumar, they both are entranced with this phenomenal and deeply sexual man. Falling just short of being unfaithful, Priscilla begins to feel more desirable as she shares a kiss with Anil. Later, feeling overwhelmed with passion after a tragedy in the village, she lovingly explores her yearning to be with these two very different men. 
Lisabet Sarai treats us to a very sensual story about fulfillment, passion and realization of true love. Perhaps we’ve wondered about our relationships and if they are working. Sometimes it may be easier to have the courage to try something new to awaken those old feelings and to keep the fires burning. Monsoon Fever tells a beautiful tale of exploration and knowing that love can last a lifetime.
Brit Anthology is a celebration I couldn’t wait to get started and hated even more to let go. These tantalizing tales were entertaining and not afraid to explore our fantasies of alternate lifestyles with the ultimate realization of lasting love. If you’re looking for an enticing and exhilarating read to keep on your bookshelf, this is the one.
Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, bondage (mild), exhibitionism, masturbation, ménage (m/m and m/m/m/f), voyeurism.

Book Blurb for Brit Party

'Maggie's Menage' by Lacey Thorn

Maggie had spent a lifetime trying to win the love and affection of her father, but nothing seemed to work. Now he was asking her to seduce and marry one of two men that he had selected for her...for the good of the family name and company. But Maggie has other plans. Plans that will leave both men thinking of her as something other than a wife, and leave her father's plans for marriage in ashes.

Alex and Patrick were there to investigate Dom Houston and through the carelessness of his assistant managed to get in to see the man himself. But it was the blonde haired beauty that commanded their attention from the get go. And when she arrived at their hotel room later in the day, neither was willing to walk away. If Maggie wanted a m‚nage then they were more than willing to give it to her.

But for two of them it would be more than they could have ever imagined.

'Boy Toys' by Brynn Paulin

Dana's job title is scientist not babysitter. She's irritated when her boss slates her to accompany department bad boys, Christopher and Jason, to a meeting in London on her weekend off. Since her job transfer to England, she's hidden her attraction to the much younger men. Unfortunately, the attraction seems to be growing every day and every night she fantasises about them. Three days virtually alone with them will be no fantasy and might instead be an embarrassing disaster. But...

Jason and Christopher have had their eyes on Dana since she joined their department. Through a little finagling they've arranged for her to be part of this trip. They're sure her project is a spot on compliment to theirs and her presence will be an ideal addition to their bed. Now all they have to do is convince her that the bad boys will make her perfect boy toys. Forever.

'Best Mates' by Ashley Ladd

Lovers Alec Russert and Kevin Cosby feel horrible for their best mate, Jennica Chapman, when her current beau dumps her. And yet, they're glad he's out of her life.

Unfortunately, thirty-six year old Jennica thought this was her last chance to have a baby, and she's much more upset about this than losing the boyfriend. As Alec is feeling his biological clock also, he suggests to Kevin that they help her out of her predicament.

But, they're the ones in for a shock when Jennica tells them they may be too tame for her sexual likes. It turns out that Jennica is a submissive and she loves to be bound and spanked by her master. The shock wears off quickly when Alec and Kevin decide that Jennica will like two Dom masters much better than one.

Soon they realise their best mate really is their best mate, and that she's always owned their hearts.

'The Wager' by Dakota Rebel

Menage-a-Trios with a twist, and a vampire bite.

A weekly game of Billiards between a couple becomes interesting when the stakes get raised to include a pair of friends in the payoff.

Sadie and Will are vampires who have a wager based on a weekly billiards game they play. Their stakes are always sexual and this week will be no different. But for this week's wager they decide to include a couple of their friends, Dave and Tony, in the payoff. If Will wins, he gets to watch Sadie have sex with their friends while he watches and gives instructions as to what he wants to see. But if Sadie wins, she wants to instruct their friends on what to do to Will.

The the game begin!

'Four Play' by Desiree Holt

How many is too many, or is it not enough?

She loved the m‚nage that her lover Michael Collins had introduced her to, but now here they were, spending a week at Duncan MacLaughlin's cottage in Scotland and Holly Martin wasn't sure she was ready for the surprise he promised her.

No details, just a wide grin. The surprise turned out to be Jim Grainger, a friend of Michael and Duncan's, who was as much into a foursome as the other men. With all that testosterone flowing around her, and three very gorgeous and sexy men to play games with, Holly suddenly realises she loves a sexy numbers game.

'Monsoon Fever' by Lisabet Sarai

Divine temptation lies in wait in an ancient and mysterious land.

In their first years together, Priscilla and Jonathan enjoyed a marriage based as much on physical passion as on love. However, the travails of business and the tribulations of the Great War have taken their toll. When Jon's father dies in faraway India, the couple travels to the father's isolated Assamese tea plantation to settle his affairs. Far from the bustle and distraction of London, left alone to endure the monsoon rains while Jon struggles to complete the final harvest, Priscilla realises how much she misses Jon's touch.

Anil Kumar arrives with business documents for Jon to examine. The charismatic native enchants both Priscilla and Jon with his god-like beauty and charm. In separate incidents, each of them succumbs to Anil's lustful attentions. Will the illicit desires excited by the handsome Indian be the final stroke that destroys their marriage? Or the route to saving it?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00