Breaking Midnight

The Fitz Clare Chronicles - Book 2

Helpless, weak and in pain, Edmund Fitz Clare awakens in total darkness, the air around him cold and damp. He remembers being shot in Hampstead Heath after refusing to help rebel against the queen of city-dwelling vampires, and knows he’s still in danger. As he lay struggling with the memories of his family and beloved Estelle, he regrets leaving her side forcing him into this tragic predicament. It’s not long before he realizes his enemies, Li-Hua and Frank, plan to torture him further while he’s filmed.
It’s Christmas Eve as Edmund’s family misses their father, and Estelle struggles desperately to hide her anguish and grief during this holiday. They’ve decorated festively trying to get into the holiday season, but it’s very difficult to cope with Edmund’s mysterious disappearance. They know something must be done to find him.
Emma Holly continues with the love story of Edmund and Estelle in Breaking Midnight. If you haven’t read Kissing Midnight, you’re missing a treat, but this book can definitely stand on its own. A fan of vampire lore, I found myself heartily engaged with this pleasurably complex and creatively written novel. It’s filled with intrigue, action, romance and plenty more to keep the reader’s interest. Her development of each character is beautifully written and brilliantly constructed making the reader sit up and take notice. Yes, a few of the bad guys are horrific and you want to get rid of them, but again, that simply lends even more credence to Holly’s descriptive writing ability. Breaking Midnight’s secondary team is no less exemplary as it introduces erotic sensuality from another couple in love.
While there is adversity and heartache throughout some of this tale, it is nonetheless still a love story that pays tribute to romance and all it means, tugging at your heartstrings. Edmund and Estelle must persevere no matter what. The love scenes were painted with such finesse and heat that I literally felt breathless. This is a remarkable read for your shelf!

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 5.00