Bound and Determined

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Bound and Determined

Tired of being ignored, and desperate to save her brother from a long stint in prison, Kerry Sullivan takes matters into her own hands.   Okay, so maybe kidnapping one of the world’s top electronic security experts isn’t one of her best ideas; all Kerry knows is that Rafael (Rafe) Dawson is the only one who can save her brother from continuing to be falsely accused of embezzling millions of dollars from the company he works for.

Angry at being not only kidnapped, but tied up and naked, Rafe refuses to offer any assistance to Kerry. She’s easy on the eyes and gorgeous, but he can’t seem to convince her that committing a felony to rescue her brother Mark is probably not a good thing. Rafe has appointments to keep and Kerry’s wacky issues are hindering his business and income. Despite his anger and frustration, Rafe grudgingly admits to feeling erotically entranced with Kerry’s zany behavior and lush beauty. Rising to the occasion and eager to explore a little more, Rafe, the ultimate alpha male agrees to help Kerry prove Mark’s innocence, if she’ll give him 48 hours of uninterrupted sexual bliss.   Time is running out, and knowing that’s she’s being manipulated, Kerry gives in to his outrageous demand. His dark smoldering eyes and simmering sensuality make Rafe a tasty treat that’s simply too hard to resist. Everything about him oozes decadent sex, his playful dominance ready to be unleashed at any moment. Besides, she’ll do anything for Mark – even if it means trading on her innocence. Kerry is nervous but she’s just as eager as Rafe to get started on their bargain.  Kerry knows Mark is definitely innocent, so if he’s not the guilty culprit, who is?

Innovative and exhilarating, Shayla Black continues to take erotic romance to dizzying new heights. A born storyteller, Black’s bold confidence and expert writing skill are quite evident in this edgy romantic suspense mixed with some witty humor to keep you on your toes. Everything about BOUND AND DETERMINED is wonderfully right as soon as you read that first page and absolutely nothing will stop you from finishing this book even if you have to stay up all night like I did. This tale takes a chance on two strongly willed characters BOUND AND DETERMINED to get what they want. 

You’ll be delighted with Kerry’s quirky and naïve personality; her outer beauty is evident, and her warmth of spirit and determined loyalty towards her brother Mark, makes her shine from within. She aches with desire and gets caught up in all the ecstasy naughtiness that Rafe offers. She realizes things about herself she never knew existed and it’s exciting to watch.  Of course you’ll be deliciously captivated with Rafe’s sizzling persona, but I also found myself absorbed with his brilliance and business savvy. Clearly he has the whole package, making me yearn to know him more and explore some of the yummy sexual games he played with Kerry. This is a man who knows how to get a girl all worked up!  Kerry and Rafe are in charge of this book and they sizzle enough on their own-but Black brilliantly introduces the readers to plenty of interesting secondary characters for a fast paced story filled with plenty of steamy sex, intrigue and passion.

BOUND AND DETERMINED twists and turns until you think you know the ending, but I guarantee you WILL be surprised once you finish this tale. Can Rafe protect and ultimately save Mark? Can Kerry and Rafe sustain a true relationship once this is all over? You won’t want to miss this blockbuster to find out.

Reissued Review from 2009-03-26 / Book has been reissed with new cover.

Book Blurb for Bound and Determined

Wanted for kidnapping: a bubbly blonde with a penchant for trouble. May be armed (with good intentions) and dangerously seductive...

Kerry Sullivan is running out of time-and patience. With her brother wrongfully accused of embezzling millions, she can't face one more humiliating hang-up from the man she's begging for help. Rafael Dawson may be one of the top electronic security experts in the country--and the only man who can prove her brother's innocence--but his phone manners are appalling. Damn Yankee. Too bad kidnapping the man isn't an option. Or is it?

There's nothing Kerry wouldn't do for her brother. There are lots of things she longs to do to Rafe Dawson when he's lying tied-up and naked in her secret hideaway. Rafe is certainly something to look at, but Kerry's brother's life is riding on her pulling off the impossible: getting this man who's always in control to lose it. But when the tables get turned, Kerry finds herself at Rafe's mercy. And the only way to get her way is to let him have his way--with her...

Re-Issed Book / New Cover

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