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As a sex columnist, Kara Spencer figures she know all there is to know about  teaching women to embrace their sexuality, but her editor Jess disagrees and wants her to spice up her column.  Already scheduled to attend a conference she'd been waiting for weeks, Kara is now expected to interview a Tantric Master on the spirituality of sex.  What a load of hogwash, she thinks, as everyone knows that you either enjoy sex or you don't and there's nothing magical to make things any better.

Rushing to the airport, sure she'll miss her plane to Indianapolis, Kara breathes a sigh of relief when her flight is slightly delayed due to bad weather.  Making it through the line and all the necessary security, Kara sees one of the most gorgeous men she's ever met while waiting for takeoff.  Attracted and believing they'll never run into each other again, she tries some new flirting techniques from a book she's been reading, and the stranger seems interested.  But when the flight is called and he heads to the same plane she's on, Kara is horrified and embarrassed.  But that doesn't stop the handsome stranger from getting to know her a little better.

Believing that he's me the woman of his dreams, JM takes time to start a conversation, focusing on mundane things.  He's not ready to admit that he's a Tantric Master and Kara doesn't want him to know what she does for a living either.  But when the flight is grounded for safety reasons, their mutual attraction takes center stage and things quickly change.

As a novice with the Tantric arts, I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked up BLISS, but it's well researched, as evidenced by the language and sexual acts throughout the book, and I wouldn't mind trying a few things at home.  Despite being hot to death and gorgeous, JM is a sensitive and sensual artist intent on pleasing the woman he wants to spend more time with.  Coming from an unhappy home, Kara is all about the pleasure without any of the commitment.  In fact, she doesn't even believe in love.  So it's not surprising to see her need to flee from any close encounters once she and JM finish make love.

Determined to please Kara, JM realistically fights off his jealousy and offers her to chance to explore any of her fantasies, most of which he suggests, and she dives in with relish.  The level of heat was erotically pleasurable, but when JM added in his tantric mojo, the pages were almost too steamy to touch.   JM knows there’s something more between them than sex and is hurt when she walks away wanting to forget what they've shared during the trip.  He wants Kara to think of him as more than a sexual expert. Will Kara realize that the love she's been hiding from all her life is standing right in front of her, or will she throw her chance for BLISS away?

BLISS reminds me of a really good box of gooey chocolates that you want to savor, but can’t help eating all up in one sitting because it’s so decadent and yummy.  Feast on this one today.

Book Blurb for Bliss

Lock the door and get ready to follow your bliss…
Kara is a sex columnist who thinks desire is purely physical and steers clear of any romantic notions about love.
J.M. is a Tantra master who believes sex is a spiritual union that brings lovers together body and soul. 
They can’t deny their irresistible physical attraction—but Kara knows they can never have a future outside the bedroom. After all, Kara thinks Tantra is silly and the whole elitist idea of sacred sex really bugs her. 
But after a few heated nights of hands-on practice with her own personal Tantra instructor, she experiences a soul-shattering bliss more intense than anything she’s ever felt. And she starts to wonder if there might be something to Tantra after all…or could it be that J.M. has simply stolen her heart?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 5.00