Beg Me

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Beg Me

Erotic Contemporary Romance - BDSM

Sable had successfully changed her tubby image into one of sultry femininity. Now, as a writer, she has persistently been trying to get an interview with Alex Courtland, the very sexy, handsome and rich owner of Auto-Tech Software. All of the articles she has been writing have been very popular and different because they are told from a man's point of view. Alex has been ignoring her calls, so she managed to arrange an invite to an exclusive event to speak to him in person. Her goal is to find out what happens at his main retreat where he's rumored to have the woman of choice for the day beg him for gratification, only never to be heard from again. Once she gathers that information, it would be included in her latest article for Erotic Fantasy Magazine.

Alex knows his bachelorhood is a desired commodity and has difficulty believing that women are after anything other than his money and power. Still, he's intrigued by Sable's style and suggests that she come up for the weekend to experience first hand about some of the tales she's been hearing about. Nervous and excited, Sable does agree to his proposition, but only for one day. If he is able to make her beg for release, she won't get the story she wants, but if she is able to maintain control, Sable can ask him anything she likes to get her expose. His only condition is that she gives him carte blanche for the day.

There's not a book from Desiree Holt that I haven't enjoyed, and she does it again as we explore the erotic fantasies we dream of but don't talk about with our friends. Alex masterfully uses all of his sexual expertise to gain Sable's ultimate submission. Sable on the other hand, delights in all the pleasure he provides, but refuses to beg for the ultimate release he's determined to induce from her. Used to having his way with every woman he's ever met, Alex is fascinated by this lady that he can't bend to his will. My fingers were almost burning as I turned the pages in this sizzling book, and there are a few things I was eager to try once I finished reading. Ms. Holt gives us a likeable character in Sable, but we're even more pleased to see that while she may be submissive sexually, she is no pushover and wants to be treated well. Alex has to re-evaluate some of his own opinions as we realize that he may not be as indifferent to his feelings as we initially believe. There's a chance he could lose Sable if he doesn't change his way of thinking, and we wonder if he's able to change. Then we wonder if Sable gets the story she's strived to get from the beginning? You'll just have to "Beg Me" to find out.

Book Blurb for Beg Me

Known only by the name Sable, she's made a reputation for herself interviewing some of the most powerful men in the country for Erotic Fantasy Magazine . But the mysterious Alex Courtland still eludes her. His conquests are legendary and people whisper about weekend trips to his island retreat with women he then never sees again. But Sable is determined. She wants to write the article about his ultimate sexual fantasy and she'll do anything to get it.

When she finally corners him at a posh party, he offers her a bargain: Come to his Maine retreat with him for a weekend as his sexual submissive. If she does this, he will give her the interview she wants. He promises that by the end of the weekend she'll beg him to satisfy her.

But things don't always go as planned. Sable is far different from his other women, more strong-willed and not looking to 'catch' him and his millions. And Alex, whose soul long ago froze and turned to stone, finds himself awakening from emotional cold storage.

In the end, just who will be begging who?

This book has been released previously. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Total-e-bound.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 5.00