The Cajun

A one-lane road through the bayou is a bad place to be when a tropical storm moves ashore in Southeast Louisiana, but that’s where Rachel Thierry finds herself.  Forced to take shelter in an old cabin, she quickly learns her childhood crush Etienne Broussard is just as hot as ever, with some spicy tastes that match her own.

Dominique Adair’s short novella The Cajun takes us into the swamps for a quick ride as Rachel and Etienne ride out the storm, well, just the way we expect them to after a mysterious alligator points them in the right direction. Except for the niggling issue of whether locals who should know better would really be out driving around in a tropical storm and admittedly I’m probably only wondering about that as a longtime LA resident the story is fun and sexy and has just the right amount of tension between the two characters.

A quick ride, but a fun one, chere!

Book Blurb for The Cajun

Length: Novella

During a storm in the marshes of Southern Louisiana, Rachel Thierry finds herself seeking shelter in an old cabin, never dreaming a childhood friend now resides there.
Etienne Broussard’s trip into New Orleans was curtailed and he returns home to find Rachel sound asleep in front of the fireplace. All softness and curves, and with a sexual hunger as deep as his own, Rachel is everything he ever wanted in a woman.
Outside the storm rages as Rachel and Etienne push the boundaries of friendship and their passions erupt into a fiery inferno that will forever change their lives.
Publisher’s Note: Originally available in the Summon the Masters anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 3.75