Primed Suspect

A Handcuffs and Lace Tale

When foxy (literally) shapeshifter Cassidy Valance takes her human form to escape the cold by hiding in an abandoned mansion, she’s all warmed up and ready by the time police officer Ian Valenti shows up to investigate a report of possible vagrants.

He’s the damaged hero, frozen in mourning over a death for which he feels responsible. She’s lonely and ready to explore a little “animal magnetism.”

Primed Suspect is a short paranormal romance novella that turns the tables on many paranormals by making the woman the “predator” and the damaged man her “prey,” And it works well as the author delves into the psyches of both characters. Unfortunately, the story also tries to swing into a female submissive-male dominant direction. I’m not sure it works both ways, and the (very mild) DS twist felt out of place. The presence of a handy fully furnished elegant mansion seemed a little too convenient as well, but still made a fun backdrop to the story and its presence was eventually explained.

Still the characters are likeable, the encounters suitably steamy, and the happily ever after gets all wrapped up by the end.

Book Blurb for Primed Suspect

CATEGORY: Paranormal, Shape-shifter, Erotic Romance, Handcuffs and Lace
ELEMENTS: Strong Sexual Content and Graphic Language, including descriptions of Masturdation, Oral Sex and BDSM.
Cassidy Valance is one part woman, one part Kitsune?a rare shape-shifting fox. She finds solace inside an estate, away from the hunters who have invaded her home in the forest. As a woman, she finds the nights unsatisfying with her insatiable appetite for sex. Tired of prowling for men to slake her relentless desires,
Cassidy yearns for one man who can tame her wild ways, and love her despite what she is.
Officer Ian Valenti is assigned to investigate an abandoned estate after reports of unusual activity are called into the station. Since the death of his wife, he has fully devoted himself to his job. When he goes to inspect the house, he finds the suspect inside, naked and alluring.
Ian's instincts and years serving on the force tell him to cuff Cassidy and haul her in for breaking and entering. But she would rather he cuff her and treat her like the submissive she longs to be. With her restrained and primed, Ian brings Cassidy?s fantasies of a Master to life. And willingly lets down the guard around his heart.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 3.25