Out With the Undead

Liam the vampire loves Brigit; Mac the werewolf loves Regan. Bastien the vampire wants Regan. Hunter was once a vampire who was hit by sunlight and turned into a child.

Out with the Undead features an interesting bit of world-building and a really original take on the vampire mythos. Unfortunately, there's ultimately too much story for a short novella, and the result is a disjointed and difficult to follow story. Cramming so complex a story into such few pages results in a lot of action with little context; developing characters fall victim to the rush to work in all the plot elements.

Probably the most interesting character is Hunter. The really old vampires, when they go to meet the sun or stake, turn into human children--and that's where Hunter comes in. She's the most well-rounded of the characters, and I find myself wishing she'd been the subject of the novella without the huge cast rotating in and out of scenes around her.

Book Blurb for Out With the Undead

This is what happens when three women's lives become hopelessly entangled.

Brigit has dealt with being one of the few female Guardians all her life. Now she's asked to help train another woman while dealing with her Charge, Liam, and the changes he's going through. To add to her workload, she needs to help Hunter, a female in her employment. Brigit pushes her own needs and wants to the back burner until they are almost boiling over. Liam wants her, but it's against the rules. Edward can give her the normal life she wants, but is he all he's cracked up to be?

To call Hunter's home life crappy is an understatement. Only after discovering everything she believed about herself is a lie do two men turn her world upside down. Driven to the brink of sanity, she needs to learn who she really is.

Regan's service worker job never prepared her for her duties with the pack.. Traumatized vampyre victims, creatures who become children when hit by sunlight, and werewolves are just a few things she must learn to deal with. But she's not sure what to do when a vampyre wants to make her his mate, and she falls for her lycanthropic boss.

Content warning, vampyre ménage a trois, explicit sex, harsh language, violence

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 2.00