Nocked Senseless

Book 3 in the Gods of Love series.

Hermes Adonis isn’t a very good Cupid. In fact, the Fates have forced him back to Olympus to take a break to get his head together, which he tries to avoid by sucking down Brimstone in the Succubus bar. A chance encounter with the sexy demon princess Nidras sends the two on a romantic adventure that encompasses everything from Zeus to dragons to an evil wizard who holds Nidras’ fate in his hands.

Third in author Sam Cheever’s Gods of Love series, Nocked Senseless is full of humor and adventure as well as sexy encounters that I'd give a three on a one-to-five hotness scale. The erotica isn't the point of the story, but offers an occasional break in the action.

The setting in Olympus takes the book outside the realm of urban fantasy yet Cheever manages to comfortably walk the line between urban and epic work. The writing is sharp, with good dialogue and consistent characters.

The book takes an unusual course for paranormal romance in telling the story from the male point of view. It works really well until the final chapter, which abruptly shifts into first Nidras' POV, then back into Hermes'. The POV shifts really weakened the ending for me.

The book is best when its action is dialed down a notch and Hermes’ self-deprecating humor is allowed to shine through. It’s laugh-aloud funny in places.  The action sequences drag a bit, but the imaginative use of magic and preternatural creatures is terrific. Hermes is likable, Nidras’ character well-developed, and the worldbuilding top-notch.

All in all, a fun read.

Book Blurb for Nocked Senseless

Hermes Adonis has a broken heart and an attitude problem. When the Fates send him on a forced sabbatical from Cupid’s Arrow, he’s not a happy Cupid. Hermes spends his days sucking Brimstone and anticipating his total destruction. But when a dark-haired beauty throws him to the ground and puts a knife to his throat, he feels an unexpected spark in his dead heart.

Nidras is a cursed demon princess. She’s pretty tapped out just trying to kill the wizard who holds her curse. The last thing she needs is a man, especially one whose sexy head is fuzzy from sucking Brimstone all day. But Hermes is funny and determined, and Nidras is lonely and scared. And when they get together in a room, the heat they create nearly melts the paint from the walls.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 3.75