Heart of Ice

Kai has always loved winter. A poor shopkeeper, he has made a good match with a wealthier girl from the village, whose family will pay off his father’s debts but will keep him always under their aristocratic thumbs. His love of winter saves him, though, when winter turns out to be Wyn, or Winter, an icy blonde who makes his blood run hot and the perfect submissive to his dominant. Problem is, he can’t touch her icy skin or he will die, and she won’t take the steps to make their union permanent for fear she's robbing him of the life he's meant to lead.

The phrase “icy hot” takes on a new twist in this story, with beautifully rendered characters and a plot that keeps moving. Author Brynn Paulin does a great job of adding an unusual twist to her paranormal romance and despite the length limitations of the novella format she manages to evoke a rich and interesting world where the seasons are controlled by the whims of Winter and her sisters Spring, Summer and Autumn.  The little problem of no skin-to-skin contact forces her to be wonderfully creative in her scenes between Kai and Wyn.

All in all, Heart of Ice is a great little read for an “icy hot” trip into another dimension.

Book Blurb for Heart of Ice

Kai is perfectly unhappy with his life. Cast into a role as shop boy and forced into marriage to save his family, he sees nothing good in his future. In fact, his betrothed, Gerda, seems to hate everything he enjoys. Especially winter and his attraction to dominating his partners. His prospects look grim?until the Snow Queen arrives.

Wyn has spent her life alone, living vicariously through those who love winter. When she learns of Kai's predicament, she knows she must save him. If only she could save herself. She craves his dominance, but there's one tiny thing standing in their way. No human can touch her without experiencing chilly agony. And that might bring any relationship to an icy death.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 4.25