Alex Rising

What if you had a love so great that you made sure you could always be together, even after death? Tristan makes just such a contingency plan before heading off for military duty. He gets permission from his commanding officer, Alex, to co-inhabit Alex’s body if he’s killed.

When Tristan dies, Alex finds himself sharing his (very nice) body with Tristan’s spirit. And Tristan wants to rejoin his wife Lin, taking Alex along for the ride. Author Dita Parker puts a new spin on ménage.

Other than the steamy erotica, this is pretty much a psychological drama. Tristan has to learn to share Lin with Alex and Alex has to learn to care about Lin as Tristan does. Lin has to figure out whether she wants one, or the other, or both.

Parker’s writing is crisp and clear, and the twist on the ménage interesting. The characters, even the “dead” Tristan, are well developed. She sort of writes herself into a corner with the threesome, however. Since Alex and Tristan share one body, they do an awful lot of talking and not much doing outside the bedroom. Sometimes the talkiness gets a little awkward with the two guys talking to each other inside Alex’s head and sometimes also to Lin. Parker does a pretty good job with a difficult assignment, but it’s still a little awkward.

This is a one-shot pony as far as the plot goes. Two hot guys share one hot body with one hot chick, but Parker manages to keep it interesting.  And Alex can definitely keep rising!

Book Blurb for Alex Rising

Lin wasn’t above using extreme measures to ensure she never lost her husband, including a good old-fashioned spell. But the man now standing at her door looks like far more than she’d bargained for. He has the tall-dark-and-handsome thing down pat. What lies beneath the sexy stranger’s cool exterior, Lin can only imagine. Vividly.
In New Orleans, a little magic goes a long way. Returning to his hometown and his wife, Tristan has to wonder if this time it didn’t go too far. He has gotten his wish, and now he has to let a man he would never have wanted anywhere near his wife have her in every way imaginable.
Alex doesn’t believe in magic. He doesn’t believe in fate or matches made in heaven. But he believes in keeping a promise. Especially one that comes with benefits as seductive and desirable as Lin. 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 3.75