Undercover Cowboy

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Undercover Cowboy

Ryan Ranch Trilogy, #3

Undercover Cowboy by Lynde Lakes is a bit of a suspense thriller romance set in south Texas on the Ryan ranch. I personally found the heroine, Sara Jane, not very likable, she came across as a spoiled brat. I found little to like in the hero, Nick Reed. He was a shade too wimpy for my taste. The plot was pretty well crafted, but I had some trouble with the forensics and some of the reactions displayed by the characters as well as the behavior of the villain. I would have liked to see more realistic behavior from the law enforcement characters as well as from the criminals. Those not as picky as I am should love this book though and I'll give it a solid 4 for the well-done plot.

Book Blurb for Undercover Cowboy

Sara Jane Ryan, a feisty rodeo cowgirl, knows no fear...until she finds the body of her doppelganger on her daddy's ranch. Nick Reed has been hired to protect Sara Jane, but what she really needs is protection from herself. In spite of the sexual tension sizzling between them, she uses quick, practiced rodeo riding techniques to escape his watchful eye, leaving him red-faced and eating her dust.

When a case from Nick's past merges with his present, and someone leaves threatening messages for Sara Jane, he has to step up his game before someone else gets hurt. Can they work together to find the killer before Sara Jane is taken out of the rodeo circuit for good?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 4.00