Uncertain Allies

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Uncertain Allies

Connor Grey, Book 5

Uncertain Allies is the fifth book in the Connor Grey series. I have to admit I have not read the other four books in the series. I liked Uncertain Allies because it moved fast and I didn't get bogged down in tedious back story or descriptions. There were some things I wasn't quite sure on, most likely because I haven't read the other books, but I enjoyed following Connor on his quest through the Weird of Boston. If you like urban fantasy, you'll probably like this book. I'm giving it a 4 for plain old entertainment.

Book Blurb for Uncertain Allies

After a night of riots and fires, the Boston neighborhood known as the Weird is in ruins. And when a body is found drained of its essence, ex- Guild investigator Connor Grey is drawn into the case against his will. And he has reason to be wary. Because the case will lead to an explosive secret that threatens to tear apart the city-and the world.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.00