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I grew up on the Marvel superhero universe so I was naturally attracted to a science fiction book where the main characters are all superheroes. Add in romance and I was even more interested, but I'm very picky about my SF, it has to meet some pretty high standards. So I started Tekgrrl ready to rip it, too many of the science fiction romances fall short or present as rehashed Star Trek or Star Wars. Well, wasn't I in for a surprise. Tekgrrl is not only original and well written it's plain old fun to read. It has some great twists and turns and a solid plot along with likable characters. The book did start a wee bit slow but soon pulled me right into the world of the story. I found myself liking Mindy, aka Tekgrrl, right away and had no trouble visualizing the world she lives in.

If you want an enjoyable adventure read then this is your book. A.J. Menden did a fantastic job on Tekgrrl, I highly recommend this book.

Book Blurb for TEKGRRL

When she was 12, Mindy asked to go to The School like other gifted girls. Her parents sent her to another planet. Today, Mindy's back on Earth. She's a mechanical genius with the Elite Hands of Justice, America's premier superhero squad. She's been having headaches though, and it's not just because her longtime crush is flirting with another teammate. It's not because she's pushing thirty. It's also not because of the contrary actions of former teammate Simon Leasure. No, what's burning her brain is a past she can't remember, a past that has been erased. It's a memory surging closer - in flying saucers. Her worst nightmare is returning, big time, and only she, her friends, and her one true love can stop it.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 5.00